NejiTen Neji and Tenten show!!

minaj_fan posted on Jun 10, 2010 at 11:26PM
So. Has any one ever tought of Neji and Tenten haveing their own show?! How cool would that be?

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over a year ago nejiten2 said…
Oh! Sweet ! That would be sooooo cool!!
over a year ago minaj_fan said…
I know right. Lets make it real quick. Lets lay down the plot. Hehe. Any idea's.
Tenten and Neji could have their own village they run. Byakupons village. U get it byakugan and wepons mixed. Lol. Fnny. Anyway they would be the village where ppl go 2 train 2 b weopon users and taijutsu users. Kool.