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 ♥Naluღೋ(Natsu x Lucy)
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So I made a little thing for nalu-week. But it got too long, so I will be posting 15 reasons each day. Hope you like it!

1.Because they are awfully confortable with each other
2.Because Natsu brought Lucy to ft and gave her a home
3.Because they started as merely acquaintances and now they have a deep relationship
4.Because if you lay a finger on Lucy, Natsu will turn you into ashes
5.Because thanks to Lucy, Natsu realised that he can fight and live in this world
6.Because he thinks she is a nice person
7.Because Natsu never doubted Lucy
8.Because after Levy said that they needed to cadastrar-se forces on...
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Happy nalu week minna:D
Today we'll Start off nalu Week and what makes it mais Special
^^ It's On Lu-chan Birthday
So Let's do our Best to support our lovely Pair.

What is NaLu week?

It's a whole week for the ship Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.
You can make fanarts, gifs, animation, write fanfics/post and more.

When starts the NaLu Week?

It starts on July 1st and ends July 7th.

What are the prompts?

dia 1: Lucys Birthday
dia 2: Fairy Tale
dia 3: Cuddle
dia 4: Protect
dia 5: Firsts (date, kiss, time...)
dia 6: Nervous
dia 7: Flames and Keys

Do I have to make all my work during that week?

Nope! Feel free to make them whenever you like. However please don’t post your work with a specific prompt before that prompt’s day.

Please Click here so we'll Begin
 nalu week
Nalu week
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Hi there! We almost reach the 100 reasons!Hope you like this :)

76. Because it is always mais fun when they are together
77. Because Kain was jealous of them
78. Because Natsu unrooted a huge Sakura tree, put it on a barco and let it float down the river in front of her house just to cheer her up
79. Because in Edolas, when they were apart, he always kept Lucy in his mind
80. Because Lucy thinks Natsu is cute when he is asleep
81. Because he touched her butt at least twice
82. Because Lisanna realised that Natsu is stronger at Lucy’s side
83. Because Natsu even knows her embarrassing...
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