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Mirage is a echidna who got stuck in a time warp during Mobius' Ancient Egypt period. Now with no way to get back she's decided to stick with the estrela Meteors. Her hobbies include reading, searching the internet(though technology does bug her a lot)and learning.Due to her amor for learning she's sort of the team's historian and translater, mainly when they come across Ancient Egyptian writing. She's currently trying to learn a powerful mover that highly-classed echidnas from her time period knew, but it usually backfires. Resulting in talking Eygptian babble.


Arlene is the hedgehog...
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"so..............did you do it sonic?"asked aruora."yes!"said sonic."did you have a partner?""yes!""did you intact take my i pod?""yes!""AHA! espio i think we found our coprolite!" "um aurora hes scared hes saying yes to every thing we say.look sonic did you put a black hole in my mouth?""yes!""oh"soon aroura started blushing"turn on the lights!"when the lights came on............."aroura why is the bathroom pink?" "because this is the ladies bathroom.""AH!!!!!!"screamed both espio and sonic. they both ran out of the bathroom."okay silver where were you in the dia of the scene of the crime?""what...
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Pain won completely.Pain knocked her out with one balanço of his tail.Cliff looked at Pain.Pain looked back.Pain waited as Cliff went and walked up to him.Pain was ready for any attack.Cliff did attack but this was not any attack.It could be a attack.It was not one eather.Cliff through mac and cheese at Pains face
"Fhgth!"Pain wiped his face off."Mac and cheese?"
Cliff nodded."I have a rerason to fight now."Cliff
suddenly looked serious"You hurt my friend!"
Pain spit mac and cheese out."Yuck!"Cliff punched Pain.Pain kicked back.Then they grabed each other and started rolling on the floor.Pain...
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"So Cliff,"asked Mindy,"Where did that hedgehog say the key was?"
"He did'nt."
"He did'nt what?"
"He did'nt say where it was."said Cliff."I guess he dos'nt know eather....That's why he's getting robots to help him look."
"Then if we know where it is we'll have a better chance of beating him."Mindy smiled,"Cliff,It's time for some research!Take me to the library!"
Cliff stoped walking."What's reasearch?What's a library?They both sound boring."Mindy sighed,"Just take me to the nearest town."
"OK!"said Cliff.
Later at the nearest town Mindy shows Cliff the library."Eww"says Cliff.Mindy ignored Cliff...
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peoples does anyone have a fã character thats in loves or likes sonic a friend of mine wants to make a vid about it but you gots to give her permission to makes it first so pleeze help....pretty pweeze with cherries on top...................................................................................................................................................

~Pleeze note that the dead line is october 25 2009~

~~guess thats all i wanted to say so thanx to those who want to help peace out yal~~

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Cliff was walking along when he suddenly heard voices."Thats weard....I did'nt think many people came here any more.Cliff walked tward the voices.
They where robots.Alot.Cliff ducked behind a arbusto, bush and peeked through the leaves.In the middle of the robots there was a hedgehog.
The hedgehog commanded to the robots,"Robot army!
Go fetch me the crystal key!"Cliff asked without thinking,"Whats that?"The hedgehog glared at the robots."Who said that?"But none of the robots or Cliff said anything."Do'nt you listen to anything I say number 107?"A robot labled 107 made a beeping noise."Ummm sir there...
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"Ruby" Ruby stops and truns around. "hey,sis" Ruby
says "gess what" "what?" "i'm dating silver the hedgehog" I say "I gess you're right, I would have never of gessed that"ruby says "It's because
you will never encontro, data someone" "you're probably right, My work comes before love"ruby says
"So what's you're latest misson" I say "Finding all the 7 chaos emeralds" Ruby says "what! Emma really told you that"I say shooked "yea"ruby says "uh, sis what's that" I say as a round thing flies torwds the ground "A bomb, run" Ruby runs away. Then I hear someone scream "Sandy" Before I
know it Silver takes me by...
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