My Own Worst Enemy "Bring Back Our Show" Petition Letter

chicago_e posted on Jan 14, 2010 at 12:38PM
Now that NBC is finally realizing the consequences of some of its programming decisions with the cancellation of The Jay Leno Show and Conan threatening to leave NBC, the time is primed to try and convince them to bring back My Own Worst Enemy. I have scripted and posted a petition letter below that can be change to one's desire, along with NBC's contact information. Let's rediscover the lost art of pen & paper (letter can be cut & pasted, of course) AND FLOOD NBC WITH A PAPER TRAIL OF PETITION LETTERS, E-MAILS, AND PHONE CALLS!

Subject: Petition to Revive My Own Worst Enemy
Body: Dear NBC,
In lieu of Jay Leno’s primetime show being axed and subsequently opening up five primetime hour-long timeslots that I heard will be filled with sitcom re-runs until NBC is able to find a permanent replacement, I would like to petition you to reconsider My Own Worst Enemy and even request that you revive the short-lived series with new episodes and better promotion. All of the NBC Universal Exec’s should take a look at the message boards for MOWE because if and when they do they will clearly see that there was a large following behind this show and a multitude of viewers who became angry with NBC for canceling the show, of which I am one.

NBC needs to take a good long and hard look at it’s programming practices, current network structure, and what types of shows it produces because they all need to be changed and re-formatted desperately – possibly extending as far up the decision chain as getting rid of Jeff Zucker, John Eck, and Michael Pilot. This show first began at the conclusion of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games which were broadcast on NBC. However, there was very little advertising, marketing, or commercials aired promoting the excellent cast and storyline of this show. I recall seeing a whopping number of 2 or 3 commercials advertising the premiere of MOWE in the summer of 2008, all of them only consisting of two sentence narration announcing the premiere and only having action shots of Christian Slater, Mike O’Malley, and Alfre Woodard. NBC didn’t even have the decency of giving its audience a full description of the show. I guess Jeff, John, and Michael were just expecting the viewers of the Games to remain loyal to the network, as if there were no other viewing options available to us, and to magically deduce the storyline and plot of the show. Yet, another reason showing that NBC Universal needs to re-structure itself and re-evaluate its Core Mission.

This show also cast the then-undiscovered Taylor Lautner who has since become a pop icon on the rise due to the Twilight Saga. Please do not allow MOWE to go the way of Journeyman by airing reality shows or low-quality sitcoms like you did initially, such as Kath&Kim and Knight Rider. The show originally aired on Monday nights at 9/8c. Now that The Jay Leno Show has been canceled and Conan O’Brien is threatening to leave NBC, the network has at least one, maybe two, hour-long time slots open each weekday that need to be filled. So there is no reason this show can’t be re-worked into the primetime lineup for one hour a week. There is a lot of competition and several choices for viewers to choose from on Monday nights on other networks, so if it has to stay on Mondays, show it immediately after Chuck – another excellent spy-themed show NBC ridiculously considered canceling but brought back after it heard from the entourage of viewers following the show – and move Heroes back one hour to 9pm/8c. Since both shows have the similar “spy” theme premised in their plots, viewers would easily be able to transition from one show to the other staying in the same atmosphere of excitement and laughter. Also, in the event that none of the executives have inferred this fact yet, the majority of the viewing public is very hooked on action-comedy-drama thrillers at the present time; which is evidenced by Burn Notice being the #1 cable show that airs on NBC Universal’s USA Network, and NCIS being television’s #1 network broadcast. However, if Monday nights don’t work, there are at least four other time slots available to the show, which may become nine pending Conan O’Brien’s official decision.

In closing, I would like to make an appeal to NBC & its executives over programming to try and reunite the excellent cast of My Own Worst Enemy and revive the show with new episodes as well as the due-diligence of ADEQUATE AND SUITABLE ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION.

Awaiting your decision,
[Your Name Here]

NBC Universal Inc
C/O [Executive Name – Jeff Zucker: NBC Universal President & CEO; John Eck: NBC TV Network & Media Works President; Michael Pilot: NBC Universal Sales & Marketing President]
437 Madison Ave FL 14
New York, NY 10022 Map

(212) 664-4444
Call after 9am EST. Ask to be transferred to the office of Jeff Zucker, Michael Pilot, and/or John Eck; then ask the executive’s assistant to transfer you to voicemail. This serves two purposes: first, avoids catching the executive at a time they cannot talk; and second, enables your vm to be logged into their system and saved for repeat listening.

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