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my little pony - a amizade é mágica Is Rarity showing a bit mais generosity?

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 karinabrony posted over a year ago
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Seanthehedgehog picked Yes.:
Hey, she's wearing Pinkie Pie's outfit from Over A Barrel.
posted over a year ago.
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NocturnalMirage picked Yes.:
Yeah, I think the writers finally realized that as the Element of Generosity, Rarity performed quite a lot of selfish acts. She still does, I believe it's a part of her character, but she's definitely being more generous in Season 4. The funny thing is, she was my least favorite pony when I started watching MLP, but I'm beginning to love her more and more as the show goes on. I especially like her outbursts, it's kinda cute. :)
posted over a year ago.
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alinah_09 picked Yes.:
^yeah,same opinion for me :D
posted over a year ago.
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pumpkinqueen picked Yes.:
Frankly, I've never seen her as selfish, I've always seen her as generous. Actually, Raindow is the one I think hardly ever follows her said trait. Like she has to learn it again and again,
posted over a year ago.
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thetankmoment picked Yes.:
Three words: Rarity takes manehatten
posted over a year ago.
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