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The night after the marriage was when the ponies were partying.

Con: Congrats Fenix.
Fenix: Danke my friend. Me, and Roseluck have a gift for you.
Roseluck: It's a cigarette lighter.
Con: Oh wow. Thanks you two.
Roseluck: *grabs flower* He loves me,
Fenix: Come on, of course I amor you.
Con: I have to go *gets in car*
Roseluck: Con wait!
Con: *drives off*
Roseluck: Is he ok?
Fenix: He was married once, but that was a long time ago.

At the Berlin jail

Sanchez: *playing harmonica*
Copper 43: Shut up!
Sanchez: Fine.
Russians: *storm in jail* Where's Sanchez?!
Warden: I'm not telling you!
Russians: *kill...
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posted by xFluttershyx
"Okay, everypony", said Bluehooves. All we have to do is take the way out like we did last time."

"Follow me, everypony!" As soon as Constance said that, tje maze grew hedges that seperated everypony from each other.

Terra screamed.

"Calm down, Terra", Vanilla Twilight said. "Everything's okay."

Terra screamed, "No it's not! I'm seperated from everypony and I'm scared!"

"Stop being such a scaredy pony", said Constance.

"Arguing won't get us out of here", said Bluehooves. "Let's all just try and find the exit!"

"I agree", said Nashgear.

Everypony began looking for a way out.

-With Bluehooves-
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I grew up in a town where you had to fight just to get a point across to someone. Where ponies would drop dead from; Homicide, fatigue, starvation, and mais commonly suicide. So how can a Stallion like me, end up at the most extravagent party in Equestria? He becomes the best Doctor these Royals have ever known.

How does he ruin the Grand Galloping Gala to the point where no pónei, pônei will ever return to the event? He burns it to the ground. I know I sound mad but it`s the only way I can accomplish my mission.

I lit a match near the fabric curtains, the rest took care of itself. First there was panic, then there was choking. And finally, the sweet passion of death. How I envy there adrenaline, I felt no remorce.

To be continued...
posted by whiteclaw
I wish we could tell you the gas didn`t choke Scootaloo, and that she didn`t get terribly ill from it. And that we had to wait for her every half-hour so she could puke. And that she didn`t hate me for not taking the disease instead of her. What`s worse was the chemical burns, which made her eyes swell up badly.

She couldn`t handle it any longer, so she gave up. Me and Sweetie Belle both took turns carrying her. It was a long way to shelter, and we ain`t about to let her die. She started choking again, we had to get somewhere fast.

"Oye, over here!!! I can help ya with that filly you be carrying."...
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posted by whiteclaw
"This is it, our first ration!!!" cried Sweetie Belle. They searched the area for traps and mines, punks would often set up these so they could get rid of any theives trying to steal they`re rations. "Are you sure this is a real one this time?" asked Appleloom. "It has to be, let`s hope for good luck." she said with hope.

They opened the black and blue box, hoping it wouldn`t activate a trap. "THERE THEY ARE!!! KILL `EM, FOR THE CAVE!!!" Scootaloo grabbed the box and ran, BOOM!!! a smoke mine went off choking Scootaloo. She fell to the ground, still cluching the box in between her hooves....
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The Mayor stood behind the curtain, waiting for it to lift up. She had given many speeches before, but a speech about murders? She had spoken to her citizens about disasters in the past. But nothing to this extent.

CRASH!!! "Derpy! What did I tell you about coming behind stage? You`re supposed to lift the curtain not handle the stage lights." snapped the Mayor. "I`m sorry, I dun`t know wat da problem es?!" replied the Pegasus. Then she lifted the curtaon as she was instructed.

The crowd cheered and applauded, as the Mayor made her way to the podium. She took a deep breath, and grabbed her...
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The Doctor leaped over a big pile of trash and dirt, arco iris, arco-íris Dash followed him. She was truly amazed that a stallion so old like him could leap so high. She tryed jumping a smaller pile but tripped and fell, she decided to use her wings she was a Pegasus after all. Doctor Quill ran up a hill, jumped, and landed a few yards away from arco iris, arco-íris Dash. He looked up at the blue pegasus and laughed; "What`s up Rainbow? It appears I`m faster than you on my hoofs!" she snarled in response. She landed seguinte to him, "So why are you runing from me? Are you afraid of girl cooties?" she teased. He shook his...
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Nopony had ever expected what would happen next, not even Princess Luna. She sat at the edge of her throne, "Dear Sister, hassath thou found my boots?" she stammered. Princess Celestia giggled, Luna smiled "What I`m just getting used to this modern language
all the other Ponies use." she walked over to her sister. They stared at the beautiful city of Canterlot, it was just past midnight. The time when Luna was indeed the happiest. She was just about to say something when the doors to the palace burst open. Celestia jumped, "Hurry, we have to leave no time to explain come on your highneses!"...
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"Peristent, I admire that!" said Scarecrow. He fired another, this time it hit. Right before the hallucinations started she saw a glimpse of fluttershy tackling Scarecrow to the ground! She stood up and took the dart out from her arm. "Run! Fluttershy go now!!!" the pegasus obeyed. She ran away with her pet bunny Angel. She looked back and wished she could help, but knew she could not.

She stopped a few yards away from the hut to catch her breath. "Well, angel it`s just you and me for now." angel sighed. If he could talk he would say sooo many things. Though he still cares about Fluttershy,...
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