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 The age-regressed arco iris, arco-íris that was dropped off por Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
The age-regressed Rainbow that was dropped off by Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
Looks like it's April Fool's dia in Ponyville-and Pinkie and arco iris, arco-íris are on fogo with their practical jokes. Every pónei, pônei became a victim-except Princess Twilight Sparkle, who stayed inside to avoid the mayhem, watching from one of the windows of her castle. As she went to take a nap, arco iris, arco-íris and Pinkie quietly went in to pull something off...

Rainbow: You got the red paint??

Pinkie: Are we really gonna do this? If we do, she's gonna grill our plots! Sorry, I'm not gonna get in trouble. Later! *takes off*

Rainbow: It's just a prank! What harm can it do?

Rainbow pulls out the paintbrush, dips in the...
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I honestly do not think that Twilight is overrated or she is getting all of the attention. To prove this I will be going over each episode of season 4 individually and briefly going over seasons one to three. *I realize this is a bit of a touchy subject so while I don't mind comments I expect that those who comment will do so respectfully.*

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1 and 2) - In this episode, Twilight does play a major part, but so does the rest of the mane six and Spike and Discord. So while the título may have her name it is not solely about her. Also, it can be inferred from this episode...
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This game is actually pretty creepy. Witch is really saying something when you compare it to the other MLP creepypasta gmes
pónei, pônei
 Say hello to Blazin' and Luna's filly! She looks older here because pónei, pônei Creator Full Version couldn't make her any shorter than this.
Say hello to Blazin' and Luna's filly! She looks older here because Pony Creator Full Version couldn't make her any shorter than this.
So this surprising story begins after Blazin' had been dating Princess Luna (after finally overcoming his shyness) for nine months. Little did Blazin' know that Luna had a little surprise for him which was sleeping under a rosa, -de-rosa blanket in her bedroom! Yep, it was her filly, and Blue has no idea he is the father of-Princess Nightshade!

Blazin': *hears the phone ring* Hello...

Luna: Hi, sweetie! Those nine months of dating really benefitted the both of us, didn't it?

Blazin': Yeah, and I'm no longer nervous around you. Even Rarity said we look cute together.

Luna: *blushes* Oh, well....She's right....
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poor fluttershy
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