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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 The Resistance Leader
The Resistance Leader
Labiche was walking through a very busy train yard. No pónei, pônei payed any attention to him.

Labiche: *Passes two German ponies carrying crates as he walks*
German pónei, pônei 98: *Putting branches on an artillery gun as camouflage*
Labiche: *Ducks under the artillery gun, and continues walking*
German Officers: *Near Labiche, talking about something*
Officer 1: When will you be ready?
Officer 2: The train will be ready to leave tomorrow morning, por 9:15 Major.

Now they're talking about a different train, one that will depart Paris before Colonel Von Waldheim's art train.

Labiche: *Continues walking. He passes a huge artillery gun on eight wheels, a half track towing a trailer of mortars, and a wire fence. He crosses a street, arriving at a canal. He gets on board a house boat, and walks downstairs*
Didont: Come in. Come in.

Labiche was part of The Resistance, and in the barco with him was Pesquet standing seguinte to the stove, Didont sitting at a mesa, tabela in front of Labiche with Miss. Villard, and The Resistance Leader. The Resistance Leader's name is unknown.

Resistance Leader: *To Labiche* This is mademoiselle Villard from the Jet Poule museum. I brought her with me.
Labiche: *As a barco blows it's whistle, he goes to sit down across the mesa, tabela from the leader*
Resistance Leader: Mademoiselle Villard has a problem. I thought your group might help her.
Miss. Villard: It's not to help me, you understand. The paintings belong to France.
Labiche: Paintings?
Didont: The train you were making up for that Colonel. He's stealing a load of pictures. Hehe. You should hear what they're worth. *Whistles while waving his right hoof up and down* Haha.
Miss. Villard: It's not just the money.
Labiche: What does she want us to do?
Pesquet: She wants us to blow up the train.
Miss. Villard: Oh no! No you must understand. They must not be damaged. They cannot be replaced. They're not, I have the list. *Grabs her list of paintings* Renoir's, Cezanne's, 64 Picasso's, 29 Braque's, Degas, Watisse. He chose very carefully. Only the best. The natural heritage.
Labiche: What do you want us to do madame?
Didont: Mademoiselle.
Miss. Villard: Well, I thought perhaps, if you could just, stop the train.
Didont: *Looks at Labiche, then Miss. Villard* Stopping a train is not simple mademoiselle.
Pesquet: You can get killed stopping a train.
Didont: Especially if you were French, and the train is German.
Miss. Villard: *Sad* I know... I realize...but soon, Paris will be free. Isn't that true? But if the paintings are not here...
Resistance Leader: Our latest reports are that the Allies would be in Paris within a week. Maybe 3 or 4 days. Their plan is to get the train out before that. We can slow it down, delay it. What do you think?
Labiche: We can blow it up. Maybe. Put some plastic under the cars, and blow it up. They'd shoot a few hostages, but that's the price you pay. Are your paintings that important mademoiselle?
Didont: She doesn't want it blown up.
Resistance leader: Londres agrees the art is important. Anything we can do to save it... but they leave it up to us.
Labiche: Why not? What can they lose? This morning we had four ponies left in this group. Now we have three. One, two, three.
Pesquet: Bernard?
Labiche: We started with eighteen. Like your paintings, mademoiselle, we couldn't replace them. For certain things we take the risk, but I won't waste lives on paintings.
Miss Villard: They wouldn't be wasted! Excuse me, I know that's a terrible thing to say. But those paintings are part of France. The Germans want to take them away. They've taken our land, our food, they live in our houses, and now they're trying to take our art. This beauty, this vision of life, born out of France, our special vision, our trust... we hold it in trust, don't you see, for everyone? This is our pride, what we create and hold for the world. There are worse things to risk your life for than that.
Labiche: I'm sorry, mademoiselle, we can't help you.
Miss. Villard: *Disappointed, she looks at the leader*
Resistance Leader: The train goes through his section. It's up to him.
Didont: *To Miss. Villard* Don't you have copies of them?
Miss. Villard: *Stands up* Excuse me for taking your time. I respect you for what you're doing. I hope none of you will be harmed. *Walks away*
Didont: She is a nice pony.
Pesquet: What happened to Bernard? I had a cup of coffee with him early this morning.
Labiche: *Looks down at the table* They came into the yards, and picked him up. With some refugees. I saw the whole thing. They just came into the yards, and picked him up. *Starts walking towards a window* I thought we came in here to talk about the armament train.
Resistance Leader: It's a big one, huh Labiche? When is it due?
Labiche: 9:15, tomorrow morning on the dot.
Resistance Leader: They must be desperate.
Labiche: It'll arrive in the yards at 9:45. Five minutos to switch to the armored engine, and pick up the anti aircraft groups. It should be on it's way ten minutos from ten, no later.
Resistance Leader: *Walks past Labiche, towards the table* It would be nice if it was delayed for ten minutes. British planes will hit the yards tomorrow morning at ten O' Clock. Saturation bombing. If the train happened to be in that yard at that time.
Pesquet: Ten minutes. It won't be easy.
Resistance Leader: *Smiles at Labiche* Can you do it?
Labiche: At the moment, I'm not sure how.
Resistance Leader: That's up to you. The planes will hit the yard at exactly ten O' Clock. Will the train be there or not?
Labiche: *Looks at Didont, and Pesquet. They smile at each other, and he looks at the leader* We'll have it waiting.
Resistance Leader: *Walks away*
Didont: I wonder where he'll be at ten O' Clock.
Pesquet: Where I'd like to be. In his office.
Didont: I don't like it.
Pesquet: Who does?
Didont: I mean the art train. If the Germans want it, maybe we should do something.
Labiche: Forget the train, we'll have enough to do tomorrow. Which reminds me, I'll need an engineer for the art train. I guess I'll have to give it to Papa Boule.
Pesquet: Papa Boule?
Didont: Not Papa Boule.
Labiche: I don't have a choice. Who else is there? Besides, it's an easy run. It doesn't leave until dark, and it'll reach Germaneigh por morning. See you later. *Walks out of the houseboat*

You'll see Papa Boule in the seguinte part of this story, which will be posted tomorrow.
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This is a one-shot I wrote about arco iris, arco-íris Dash, which was inspired por a scene from the third Chronicles of Narnia film.
Hope you like it! :) I'm pretty proud of this.

Every time she saw Rarity, the white unicorn’s sapphire eyes would sparkle like the diamonds she often wore around her neck. Her beautiful outfits and her voice and her glorious hairstyle would wow anypony around.
Rainbow Dash would hardly take any notice. There was mais to life than being glamorous, she always thought. But on this day, Rarity received so much attention. This kind of attention was special; it was nothing like Rainbow...
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posted by karinabrony
 The fun has been doubled!
The fun has been doubled!
These are some of the frases I remember. Enjoy!

It needs to be about 20% cooler. -Rainbow Dash

Oh, it is ON! -Rarity

The fun has been doubled! -Luna

I'd like to be a tree... -Fluttershy

Aw, make sense? What fun is there in making sense? -Discord

Come on everypony. I want to see you smile! -Pinkie

I didn't put those in my bag! -Bon Bon

But I want it NOW! -Applebloom

What are you, a dictionary!? -Scootaloo

I hate library! -Pinkie

You're...GOING TO amor ME! -Fluttershy

What are you, a SNITCH? - Babs

Good boy, Angel. Mama's proud of you. -Fluttershy

What's soaking wet and clueless? YOUR FACE! -Fluttershy

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