Munro Chambers If Munro Chambers asked you to get in cama with him, would you?

Pick one:
HELL YEAH!!! 8D <3 <3 <3 (yes that pic is him shirtless =D)
I promised mom i wouldn't......SORRY MOM!!! 8D <3<3<3
No. I like him but not THAT much!
I promised my mom i would not have sex this young..sorry Munro ='(
No, im WAY too young! (But i do think he is hot)
No, i'm WAY too young! (Plus, i don't like him that much)
Yes, but i would be very nervous in the beginning
No, i don't know him, i only saw him on tv and like him as someone he is not.
HE IS WAY HOT! But i just can't do it with him. Srry Munro ='(
NO! I didn't shave today! =(
If He Pretended To Be Eli, I would Pretend To Be His Age!!!
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 girlsruleearth posted over a year ago
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