Miyavi 雅 How'd you get into Miyavi?

gee-sama posted on Jul 01, 2009 at 11:21PM
Hey guys. Plz share on how you got into the edible Miyavi?

My story:Me and my sis are into Kim HeeChul and when he was in Japan they asked if he could meet up with this Miyavi guy, his so called look-a-like.When he declined we were wondering who is this guy that they say looks like HeeChul that he didn't wanna meet.To our surprise out pops this visual kei andro guy. We got into his style and his music and a new obsession was born!

And you?......What's your story?.....

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over a year ago sin26 said…
Well, I first saw Miyavi when I started my Gackt and Hyde obsession. Gackt, Hyde, and Miyavi are a common trio in youtube fanvids. So, curious as to who this Miyavi person was, I typed "Miyavi" into google images. To be honest, he was too weird for me.
Then, like a year later, I saw that that Miyavi guy was in a band with Gackt (SKIN). So I thought, "you know what, he might be fun..." and I looked him up on youtube. I watched his "What a Wonderful World" PV and I had the song stuck in my head all day!! From then on, I was a Miyavi fan! I downloaded PVs and CDs and went nuts! <3