minecraft good minecraft tips and help... subscribe to 'gisthekey' on you tube yt

anitasz posted on May 05, 2013 at 07:21AM
I subscribed to 'gisthekey' and get great
help from him. He is on youtube :)

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over a year ago America50 said…
here is one good mine craft tip: Don't die.

Just kidding, here is a real good mine craft tip: If your lost and your in your shelter but you need to get to your real home, once it's day run as fast as you can the way you think your hone is and DO NOT look back.

Another tip is: When you go on Adventures bring with you , Food, Sword, bow and arrows, Dirt, Torches wheat, and a pickax. Dirt is for when you get stuck in a hole, wheat is when animals get in your way, and the torches is for when you go into the dark.

I hope I was helpful to you.