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Source: Steady Laughing
1. Mikegasm: An orgasmic sensation created por watching videos, show, concerto performances, fã videos, or thinking sexually about Michael Jackson. During a mikegasm, one usually feels horny and lustful; and has an increased desire to have sex with said person.
Example: Oh, my God; everytime I watch Dirty Diana, I get a freakin' mikegasm when he rips his camisa off! Damn!

2. Mikegasm: A particularly strong orgasm cause por watching Michael Jackson's sexiness. Frequently caused por the You Are Not Alone música video, where all he's wearing is a sheet.
Example: Michael: Hehehe... *grabs crotch and grins* Girl: Ooooh.. MIKEGASM!

I found this on one of the other MJ fã clubs. Lol
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"Ma'm visiting hours are over." the docter said as he gentlely shook Tatianna awake. Tatianna awoke and saw that michael was sound asleep. Tatianna slowly got up, so she didnt wake him. Tatianna then gentley kissed him on the forehead and walked out. As she did she turned to see the doctor checking over michael making sure everything was ok. Tatianna then walked out of the room. Once she made it outside she walked the two blcoks to michael's apartment building. When she walked up to michael's apartment she saw his room was blocked off with crime tape and there were still policeman inside investagating....
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