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This michael jackson fotografia contains fedora, chapéu de feltro, homburg, stetson, mole, trilby, feltro, barqueiro, livorno, panamá, marinheiro, skimmer, chapéu de palha, boate, leghorn, chapéu, palha, velejador, chapéu panamá, chapéu de campanha, and chapéu da campanha. There might also be tirar chapéu de aba, chapéu da borda do snap, chapéu de aba snap, chapéu de vestido, chapéu alto, cartola, chapéu de seda, stovepipe, de coco, castor, chapéu do vestido, chapéu da ópera, topper, vestido, chapéu, chapéu de ópera, chaminé, castor, castor castor, and beaver.

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(Written por Michael Jackson)
* As sung in the 1987 Pepsi commercial

Gonna tell you right
Gonna show your stuff
Don't ever stop
'Til you get enough
The feelin's good
Comin' off the dia
You're reachin' up
The choice is made
(Well) they say the sky's the
There's nothin' stoppin' you
You're a brand new generation
And Pepsi's comin' through
You know I'm Bad
I'm bad, come on
And Pepsi's cool
It's cool, you know it
You know I'm bad, I'm bad
You know it, you know
And the whole world has to answer right now
To tell you the Pepsi way
It's cool
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