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" oi Diane did you mover that figurine off the dresser and onto the chest?" Michael asked as he walked into the living room where Diane was sitting watching television. "No i didnt mover it." Diane replied. "Well if you didnt mover it then who did?" Michael asked. "I dont know michael maybe one of the girls moved it." Diane said. With that michael headed upstairs to Abby and Lizzie's room and knocked on the door. "Girls can you come out for a second." Michael replied. "Coming daddy." they said as they went to open the door. "Yes daddy?" Lizzie said opening the door. "Where you or Abby in our bedroom and messing with the figurine?" Michael asked. Both Lizzie and Abby shook their heads no. "It was probably Beth, she was in there yesterday" Lizzie said. "Okay thank you." Michael replied as he began to walk towards his and Diane's bedroom. Once in there michael took the figurine and decided to mover it downstairs in the dinning room.

3 days later........
Michael comes início from a hard dia of work. When he walks in he sees Beth and the girls in the living room watching television. "Beth can i talk to you in private please?" Michael asked as he made his way into the kitchen. "What's up?" Beth asked as she walked into the kitchen. "The girls have been telling me you've been going into mine and Diane's room and locking yourself in there for hours at a time and that you've been going into multipule rooms Michael asked sternly. Beth let out a nervous laugh, "What are you talking about???i never did any of that....im sure the girls just dont like me for some reason and are trying to get rid of me." Beth explained. "My kids dont lie....i made sure they learned at a very young age that lying is wrong....so stop lying and tell me now or you're fired." Michael said sternly. Beth swallowed hard. "You know what i honestly dont really want to know what you've been doing in those room and in my room, but i will tell you this....if you have some little plan to get me and Diane separated then your of luck honey because i amor Diane not you....now get out of my sight." Michael said through his teeth. With that Beth stormed out of the kitchen, grabbed her things and stormed out the front door. After she left michael decided to go and take himself a shower. When he walked upstairs, he saw that his cama was unmaid, and his greenscreen sheet was spread out on the bed. Michael quickly pulled the sheets off his cama along with the green sheet and threw them down the lauduary chute in his bathroom, michael felt really sick to his stomach just thinking about what Beth probably did in his bed. Just when he thought it couldnt get any worse he walked out of the bathroom to see the figurine sitting once again on the chest.......................................

part 12 is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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