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HuH??? I don't get It

Okay you can help me here

okay now i get all of michaels work every song and video but one

"Who Is It"

now i seriously don't get it now i get the song not the flim clip i sure you have all seen it but what is with the girl being changed into diffrent girls and then michael with all the cards with girls names on it plz can you help :(
 FluroUndies posted over a year ago
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mjhott said:
At the start of the video Michael finds a business card and comes to the conclusion his girlfriend is cheating on him with someone named Alex (name on the card). As the video progresses we learn that the girlfriend is working for a secret exclusive billionaire-boys-club escort agency, her appearance changes as she visits each client and as well as her name, the business card Michael found at the start is one of hers (others include Diana and Eve). She returns início and an assistant drops all her cards in front of her revealing her secret has been found out and Michael has left and she returns to her work being high class prostitute.
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posted over a year ago 
wow thanx now i get it
FluroUndies posted over a year ago
your welcome!
mjhott posted over a year ago
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