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posted by lovemermaids130
this spell really works all u have to do is go in bath or chuveiro and say. king of the sea please answer me I want to be a mermaid with powers and a tail [what power][ what tail coloer] I grant this wish please come true sea king make me a mermaid forever.you will know what powers you will get because if you have a high fever you will get bowiling powers and if you have a cold fever than you will get ice powers and if you are thirsy a lot that means you will get moveing water.


bowiling water


or moving water

side affects

itchy legs

itchy arms

dry mouth

itchy face
dry mouth
posted by Mermaid4eva29
Alright, so heres another spell! I havent tried it out yet... But I will soon! Heres the spell!!

Mermaids of the Sea
Please, please listen to me
My only wish is to become one of you,
to swim freely like you, a mermaid
Please let my tail color be ___
And my power will be ____
Mermaids deep in the sea
Let this happen to me
Let my tail and power come to me in ___ days ((Days must be above 20-30 days))

Say about 3-5 times, possibly 10 times on a full or new moon while touching water ((If you want to use a symbol, then dip it in water, then put it on)) If you want to be completely wet while doing the spell,...
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