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added by CarrieWhite
Source: games for girls
This is part two I did spell two and I think it's working very well I would say the spell daily and I think it speeds the spell's process and gives it energy and if your not willing to wait say the spell daily and don't do many spells in close time to each other or it won't work because the spell will become confused so if you needed to know that then your welcome. What may help as well is if you also say this on midnight full moon I will do this and the way I got the spell was the page 11 mermaid spells
posted by mermanwannabe
so hi. I want to be nice.

so here's my spell:

mystic spirits of the sea make me a mermaid/merman it's what I want I want a blue and gold tail and the power too shape and control water this is my wish so mote it be.

so I made this up so no rude comments it might not work

again, plz no rude comments

may not work

may work

idk if it''ll work
probably won't tell me results

so I have tried other spells and wanted to make my own

look at other ones if it doesn't work
posted by MermaidgirlEmma
April 3 2016. (True story)

Dear Mermaid diary,
I've just woke up and I pulled the duvet cover off and my legs were in the shape of a tail..... a mermaid tail..........I looked down at my ankle again but instead of seeing the skin coming off I saw it had tiny red and laranja specs all over my ankle it's really weird because on my other ankle it's perfectly fine (apart from the tip of my toes are getting pointier) it's really weird......... I'll add to this if anything else weird happens................................."All magic works with faith"
posted by MermaidgirlEmma
April 1 2016 Friday. (True story)

Dear Mermaid diary,
Today's the last dia of school for 2 weeks. We are getting a new school being finished in 6 weeks. It's April fools today but it's quite boring. When I get início I will look on google about sereias because I feel... like I need to...................................................................................
Uggh finally I'm início from a hard dia at school time to look at mermaids. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A MERMAID!!!!!! so I'll look at some spells on fanpop that I saw AGES ago. 11 mermaid spells. I'll do #1. (After I did e spell) oh no...
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posted by farmgirl18221
*glass bowl
*10 seashells
*your spit
*your breath
*your tears

1. Fill the bowl half way with water
2. Add 1 spoonfull of salt and stir with the spoon
3. Add 5 seashells and stir with the spoon
4. Add water until the bowl is full
5. Add 2 spoonfuls of salt and stir with the spoon
6. Add 5 mais seashells and stir with the spoon
7. Blow onit twice
8. Spit in it twce
9. Add 2 tears
10. Stir with your finger
11. Say the spell twice and on the last word of the segundo time you say it, throw in your symbol
12. Stir with your finger
13. Rub the potion on your arms,...
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posted by aquamarine0406
im teaching you to become a mermaid and dont forget to read the discripstion before the project
you need:

1. a bathtub in your house some where
2. where going to have to make a potion so you will need water,salt,5 real shells,a perfume(your choice), a shiney braclet or necklace,4 drops of your blood,a container (like a cup) and a spoon.
now onto the project

fill ur bathtub half full of cold water.next put water in the container the two spoon fulls of salt in the container put 4 shells in 8 sqirts of the perfume in and stir make sure there no clumps no lumps nothing but liquod put 1 shell in the...
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posted by memaidsrule
I like them I believe becoming a mermaid is possible and for 11 mermaid spells I did number 2 and It is working very well. I am new to fanpop so I don't know what is going on but I like the idea of mermaid when wet and human when dry but here's a con. I am still in school so washing my hands in the bathroom and spilling my water bottle also becomes a big issue for me even though my water really never spills,but it is still representing itself as a problem. Also I am a girl if you already didn't pick up on that and I sometimes cook for my family and you have to wash your hands prior to cooking so that's a major problem(then again I could wear gloves)but yeah that's my thought on !mermaid spells
posted by magicenchantix
Here is a link to a fórum for all spells. sereias are included and I have already put some up there. I just made it and it is still in a working progress but with some help, you can sign up, add some threads, spells, and comments and then the website will build right up. Here is the link to the forum: link
I am still going to be changing a few things but I still some members so we can get this website moving. Thanks in advanced if you are willing to sign up! Also if you have any suggestions for what to add to the fórum after looking at it, please tell me in the comments below or sign up and tell me in the feedback section. Thanks again! :)
So, this is my mermaid spell the number one thing you must do is BELIEVE.

Things you'll need for this spell:
1.a symbol (necklace, ring ect. something you will not take off)
3.large spoon
4.your saliva (spit)
6.3 cups of salt
7.anything from the ocean
8.any kind of candle

1.fill your bathtub 1/3 full
2.add 1 cup of salt
3.stir with your large spoon
4.put candle on edge of bathtub
5.spit in the bathtub or bucket
6.put another cup of salt in
7.fill your bathtub 2/3 full
9.strip down
10.lay down in bathtub
11.hold symbol in your hand and say...
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posted by AbriannaHoran
This is a website I created!!!
you can be a member and it is basically for us,mermaid fãs and mermaids! You can also post spells!!! I hope you join!! And I also hope you enjoy the website! It took me HOURS!!! Thank you!
P.S Here is a nice song that is pretty that plays when you open the website!!
And comment what you think about my website and this wonderful song that is beautiful!
posted by mermaidperlin
ok, so I have another spell for us on fanpop! so this spell is based on a little bit of mess, but it should still work. it doesn't have to be a full moon btw. it though can be if u want it to have a better possibility of the spell working. so lets jump straight to it!

what u need:

salt [has to be 100% real salt]


food coloring [it can only be blue, red, yellow, or green]

5 shells

bracelet or colar for a symbol

plastic bag

ok, so first thing is the shells. put the shells in the bag. next, pour a fairly good amount in the bag. if u wanted it to be powerful, then I would do half way up. now,...
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posted by lovepop1310
ok here goes...
I'm a mermaid and here are the side affects:

no.1: legs changing colour/getting tingly ichy or achey
no.2: nauisa ( maybe vomiting)
no.3: difficulty breathing
no.4: coughing fits when in water
no.5: being able to breath in water/ hold your breath longer
no.6: aleatório anger
no.7:scales appearing on your skin
no.8: gills appearing on your neck or under your armpits
no.9: legs sticking together or wanting to be together
no.10: legs crossing por themselves
no.11: constant thirst after drinking lots of fluid
no.12: headaches
no.13: wanting to touch or be in water

p.s check out www.lifewithatail.co.uk for mais tips

see ya!
posted by AbriannaHoran
So I created this spell and I took my time and effort into this. I don't know if it works!!! Try it and comment if it works or not!!
Note:All you gotta do is believe!

A tail color of _____,with a tiny touch of ____, a beautiful mermaid is all I seek. With the powers to mold water,make wind,boil water,make fogo and lightening,freeze water,and make blizzards when I please. I will grow a tail in 5 minutos when I touch water which will be neat. Poseidon god of the seas hear my cry from the other side! a mermaid when wet,and human when dry. A tail color of _____,with a tiny touch of ____ and a beautiful mermaid is all I seek.

I also created side effects:
After you say spell:Legs will tingle

During the 5 minutes:
Head aches
Legs aching or feeling weak
Craving water or to be in water

After the 5 minutos go to the bathroom and touch water. I haven't tried it but I will. And I definitely believe it will work!!!
If You Want To See mais Mermaid Evidence You MUST Watch " sereias The Body Found " & " sereias The New Evidence " !!!!
posted by 13maddie26
por the power of three times three make me what I wish to be, A MERMAID. With the power of hydrokinesis . Witches one, witches all, witches from North to South, East and West hear my wish. When I transform into a mermaid I will have a tail the color of teal. A long with this I shall have a topo, início that matches my tail. Gods and Goddess please hear my prayer. I will turn into a mermaid when I say and only I say, "Flicker" three times and I turn back into a human when I say " water" three times. When I am in the water, i swim three times as fast to get away when I need to and be able to hold my breath for at least a half hour. Please Gods, Goddess,and Witches let this be me . so Mote This Be!

Try saying this on a full moon or new moon or first quarter and carry aquamarine and moonstone with me at all times until the spell is complete and I have my tail and powers.
posted by MermaidAlex1223
I just got my tail and quickly went to my nearby pool,it fit me perfectly. I kept bumping into walls since its not really a big pool... -.-

When i got out I hanged it so the wind would dry it,then I
noticed that the scales were coming off a bit at the bottom of
the tail.

I remembered that i was bumping into the walls of the pool a lot
and that pool was pretty ruff so i guess that was why they were coming off....

It still was awesome ^.^

Just remeber that you will probably need to go to a big pool to swim in a fin fun tail if you ordered it with scales...

~ MermaidAlex1223 ~
posted by mermaidkenny333
Never try two or mais spells in one dia and don't get mad when some spells don't work one out of eleven spells work for each person and as I learned from oceana even when they don't work it takes a long time and a lot of spells to build up the magic in u and when it's strong enough it will do its thing and you'll get ur tail so what I'm trying to say is ......... Never give up we all have that little magic in us we just have to find it . And if u have any Qs just post on my mural and ill do my best to answer it hope they work for ya and remember never ever give up on ur dream no matter how hopeless it seems just talk to us we'll always be here but don't listen to anyone who tells u anything negative about your dream u can do anything cause we all have that little magic in us but remember u can make it grow por doing many spells over and over And over again
posted by mermaidlove333
do you have a lot of experience in magic- i have been doing it for a long time now so yes.
are you a witch- yes
are you wiccan, pagan- im pagan
do you give amor spells- it depends on how you are going to use it
do you give storm spells- no
have you ever made contact with a spirit though a spell and such- no and prob never will
what is your spirit animal- raposa
do you heal- of course
can you cast a spell for someone- it is possible but i dont do it
have you ever had a prob with spirits- no but if you are do a protection spell
are you out of the vassoura closet- no but i plan on coming out when the time is right
Hi :)

Here are som mermaid spells. I don't know it works, but you can try.

spell do work and you are true about only a true believer can be a mermaid. the thing is the spell only works if you are a true believer and when you say it you say it with hope, faith, and you believe it will work, you just can't say it and not believe it because if you do it that way it won't work. now listen to this i look around this subject and i see alot of people with different spells and different ways of becoming a mermaid and all of them could work as long as you believe and you just can't say it doesn't work...
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