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11relaxing posted on Apr 26, 2008 at 04:20AM
i work at a mcdonalds in perth,australia and every time i work i will post what i did at mcdonalds but only if it's worth putting on fanpop an also add your own comments.

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over a year ago 11relaxing said…
the title is wrong,i tried to edit it but my computar doesent work properly and i couldent edit but i will edit it on a diffrent computar.

at work yesterday as soon as i got there i asked someone what they ordered so i could give it to them and then they said "you should know what i f*****g ordered coz you took it. but i diden't take there order someone else did.then later on ther was lots of customers and some on them had 2 wait over 20 minutes fo there food coz the kitchen staff took ages ad ages to make their food.