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Who do you guys think will die in Infinity War?

Upon hearing news circulating the Internet as well as information from various executives and actors of Marvel that there will be some characters that may or may not end up dying in Infinity War, I had been wondering this pergunta for a long time. Who's going to die and why? Personally I feel like the characters most likely to die would be Vision (because of the Mind Stone), Captain America (to align mais with the comics), Drax or Hulk (for plot reasons), and Hawkeye (because of the fact that he has a family resulting in him having hope and typically people like to kill off characters with some hope to help stir an emotional impact with the viewer).

Although as much as I feel that some characters will have to die due to the fact that Infinity War is supposed to have a darker tone and given the grand plans of the MCU it would make sense, I will also feel kind of sad. After 9 years of this cinematic universe we have been given this golden age of comic book filmes and I'll be sad to see it come to a close. But I'm only hoping that whatever Marvel's doing to make their filmes as good as they are stays with them, even after the grandeur that Infinity War should give us.
 derpnation posted over a year ago
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