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posted by Shadmaria1
Finnaly got back! ^^ here it is
Two months later shadows "parents" malfunctioned. Proffeser Gerald did everything he could. "im sorry shadow" "its okay" An alarm went off. Shadow heard gunfire. "ALRIGHT WERES THE HEDGEHOG???" the door slamed open. A G.U.N. solder steped in. "DONT MOVE! ILL SHOT!" The proffessor went to grab a switch- and was shot. "AHHH" Shadow stood shocked. "Alright hedgehog! Your next!" Shadow raced past them to block C and opened marias door. He grabed her arm and took off.
"Shadow! Why are we running???" "JUST RUN" the G.U.N solders followed. Maria grew frightened. "Take...
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posted by seuris
Piano ... Who was waiting for someone to contact with the melody and the chords around.
Shadow pressed his hand to playing a little tune.
He was actually practiced the piano at only 2 months and played like a champ ...
But lied about it all himself.

In his opinion, "he did not play" ... They were the hands, who told him the melody.
The call was confirmed and stronger and it started already sounds like music.
He sat down.

For a moment, he still noticed how he was surrounded por sheet music, with each click, and every sense of what the música was.
And for a moment ... they were his hands on his hands,...
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posted by Shadmaria1
57 yrs. ago

Proffessor gerald was working on somthing new. Maria walked in. "Grandfather, were is Shadow?" The proffessor turned around. " Hello Maria. I dont know. he's problobly training." "thank you grandfather." She started to walk away. the proffessor sighed. "Maria, why do you have to play with shadow? come here." Maria steepped closer.
"Maria should have been here por now." Footsteps came closer. Shadow heard a faint knock. "Come in" It was Maria. "finnally" Maria sat on shadow's bed. "Grandfather is making a suprize" Shadow chuckled. "Well, what is it?" Maria smiled. shadow loved her smile. he never wanted her to stop, "it's a suprize silly" Shadow huged Maria and kissed her on the cheek. "Well seguinte time arrive sooner" Maria kissed him on the lips."I will"
posted by Shadmaria1
Proffessor Gerald was kept up several nights creating the suprize. "if I use this, mabey..." He heard knocking. "Who is it" A dark voice replied, "Hwo ya think?" It was shadow. The proffessor thunk fast. He covered up the "suprize" with a tarp. "Come in" Shadow slowly entered.
"What's that?" Shadow pointed to the tarp covered object. "That is the suprize! Didn't Maria tell you?" Shadow chucled. "Darn, I thought I could get you to spit it out." The proffessor chucled along.
"Well Shadow, we will show you tommorow, the dia I created you." Shadow nodded. Later Maria was walking down the hallway....
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