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shadowluvr posted on May 23, 2011 at 12:56AM
Can someone recommend a good yaoi manga? I would like it to be 18+ (naughty me X3) Anything but Junjou Romantica, because I'm already watching the anime. ^w^

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over a year ago k9hatake said…
well you could read black butler ouran high school host club or maybee naruto although i dont think they would meet your liking you seem picky. good luck!
over a year ago Trainofdoom said…
^ Black Butler, Ouran and Naruto are all teases XD
Try Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Loveless, Ai no Kusabi, Crimson Spell, Love Mode, Kaze to ki no Uta, Acid town, Hyper love power, Gravitaion Megamix, Kanpai-Unapai, Animal X Aragami no Ichizoku, Okane ga Nai, Vassalord, Love Neko, Ai to Yokubou wa gakuen de.
Enjoy ;)