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erika42 posted on Oct 23, 2013 at 01:56AM
I just watched the first episode of the anime. So far, I definitely like the manga version better. I like being able to see the art and imagine the story myself. Also, I was kind of surprised that there were more details in the manga than in the anime. I figured that it would be the other way around because manga doesn't have many words on a page.

I looked up reviews of the anime on the internet- I found out that the endings of the two are very different and that some characters are different in the anime version. Which version of the plot do you prefer? and do you think it is okay for the manga to be altered when it is made into anime?

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over a year ago anzu2snow said…
Well, I watched the anime before I read the manga. I like both. But, honestly I think I like the manga version a lot more. The anime was kind of short, too. Didn't have all the characters that the manga did, and they couldn't cram everything from the manga into it. So, I think that's why they made a different ending to it. I personally would have preferred a 2nd season instead of what seemed to be a rushed ending. I didn't like the Japanese voice actors, but liked the English dubs a lot more, which is pretty rare for me. The English dubbed seemed to be the closest to what they characters might have sounded like. The manga, if I remember correctly, was a lot more complex and drew me even more in. But, with a lot of these, I try to look at them separately. Sometimes it's rather interesting to see a different interpretation of the same plot/series in a different medium. It is after all, an adaptation. They can do things that the other medium couldn't entirely capture.