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Post a Character from a mangá you read today  ChadKumada 15 16152 over a year ago
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HELP WANTED! mangá script writers and mangaka  Joymofo 6 8083 over a year ago
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DO YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO A CULTURE “NOT YOUR OWN”?  CulturalDomain 0 3103 over a year ago
Recommendations: What mangá should I read?  Starring 4 3074 over a year ago
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my topo, início favs  k9hatake 1 2978 over a year ago
Recommendations  shadowluvr 0 2464 over a year ago
Gaiapolis fanclub  MisterH 1 2416 over a year ago
What is your favorite?  Takuya 0 1989 over a year ago
One Piece Discussion/Debate  Takuya 0 2014 over a year ago
Your mangá Here  Ichigosuke 3 4078 over a year ago
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the end of  skaterwildz 10 2922 over a year ago
Anyone know where I can READ Sailor Moon?  XpsychotickissX 6 2879 over a year ago
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LoveHina  ultimatefan6 7 1842 over a year ago
Lists of mangá I've read  shortynme 8 1987 over a year ago
oi  momiji 0 1447 over a year ago
cadastrar-se the Over There spot!  shortynme 1 1220 over a year ago
CALLING ALL BEAUTY FANS(it' a manga)  lolipopgrl113 2 1405 over a year ago
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