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posted by animegurl23
Misaki and Usui
A fã fiction
Chapter 1
Hi!!!!! this is animefreak23! I amor all animê especially maid sama!!! :D ^_^ this is a story I worked very hard on!! PLEASE R&R!!!!! Arrigato! 
A/N: This part comes straight from episode 14! I just changed a little bit…. MOE!!
In Room 1-7: Kanou looked at the sleeping Misa, delighted. Now was his chance! To rid Seika High of girls! He exhaled and began:
“Misaki Ayuzawa, you are under my command,” A dazed Misa nodded.
Usui POV:
Usui was getting worried now. Where was Misa-Chan? He had looked everywhere! He hoped that jerk Kanou hadn’t hypnotized...
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posted by marcelinerocker
oi Guys This is my 1st artigo I wrote, Maybe you will be surprise about this Article, My título is The Mystery Person.

(Misaki went to her room she has nothing to do She text her friends in her cellphone)
Misaki: *texting to my friends* Huh? Who is this?, (looking at her message) WHAT THE WHAT!!!!! ERRRR Is this Usui or not, I'm going to tell Him.
(later at School)

Misaki: USUI!!!!!!!! You JERK You sent me a message.
Usui: (looking at misaki) No Misaki I didn't send you a message
Misaki: You Big FAT LIER I know you sent me a TEXT, Your the only one who sent me a Message It disturb me
Usui: Can I...
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posted by animegurl23
Hiya Its animefreak23!  Hoped u liked the anterior chapter!!  This is the tragic chapter, so enjoy it!!! XD

He kissed her for a minuto while all Misa did was blankly stare. Usui broke away the kiss and fell on her and pulled away. He hugged her so tight that Misa feared that she would die of suffocation. Finally, Usui whispered into her ear:
“Goodbye. I’ll always amor you.”
Then he swiftly broke off the hug and locked himself inside his room. He placed his hands on his knees and cried full of despair for losing her.
Misa sat on the sofá for 5 minutes, dumbfounded. Was...
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Kaichou wa maid-sama will not have a segundo season.


Because it did not sell well in Japan. Yes, JAPAN. For a Japanese anime, it doesn't matter how popular it is outside japan. It could be popular in the US, Canada, Spain, Philippines, you name it! BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS, if it sells like crap in Japan, like Maid-sama did, there will be NO segundo season. Maid-sama averaged 800 copies per volume. That is a MAJOR LOSS.

For an animê to at least not be a loss, it MUST sell 2500-3000 copies. segundo seasons are considered only if it has 6000 copies or more.

While international popularity is good,...
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