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posted by DiegoXShira2317
Madagascar:Mean Girls  
Gia:Gloria! Did you hear there are new girls coming to our circus! Gloria:Yeah? But G,I have a really bad feeling about these girls. Look at there names! Tanya,Berniece,Shannon. Those are signs of mean girls. Gia:C'mon Gloria,that can't happen! ?:Hey. Ya'll must be part of this circus. Gia:*Turns Around To See Three Leapords. One With Blue Eyes,One With Green Eyes,One With Brown Eyes* 
Gia:Hi! I'm Gia! And this is Gloria! Tanya:Hi! I'm Tanya and this is Berniece and Shannon. Gia:Here,I'll give you a tour of the circus. *Takes Them And Is Walking Around The Circus...
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posted by DiegoXShira2317
~Berniece's POV~
When we arrived to the stupid circus train,I made my way over to the lion.
Me:Hiya handsome. Alex:Uh....look you're nice and all but-
I cut him off por grabbing him por the chin and pulling him close,so that we're three inches apart.
Me:I'd really like to get to know you better. Alex:Look,I'm into another girl,'re not her. Me:Well,she won't mind us,right?
I pressed my lips against his and wrapped my arms around his neck.
~Alex's POV~
She just kissed me right there on the spot!!! I tried to pull away,but she had a good grip around my neck. That's when I heard a huge gasp...
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posted by DiegoXShira2317
Madagascar Drama Ch.3
~Gia's POV~ 
Without looking back,I left the train. Away from the circus. Away from my problems. Away from him... 
~Alex's POV~ 
I stared at the wall. I couldn't get the face of Gia when she saw me and Berniece beijar out of my head. How could I let this happen? I decided to talk to her. I walked to her car,to find she wasn't there. Which of course worried me. I dashed to the front of the train where everyone was. 
Me:GIA'S GONE MISSING!!! Gloria:Alex- Me:I'M NOT KIDDING!!! Skipper!!! Where's your person compass?! Skipper:Sonya the big fat urso sat on it and shattered...
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posted by DiegoXShira2317
Madagascar Drama Ch.1
~Gia's POV~ 
After we defeated Dubois,we went back to the circus train and had an "Afro" party. I had to admit,Marty was the best at dancing in an afro. Anyways,I was starting to get bored,so I decided to step outside for a little air. Of course I took the afro off before I left. That's when I had the feeling someone was watching me. I spun around to see......DUBOIS?! I was just about to shout for someome when she covered my mouth. 
Dubois:Shhh,little jaguar... You'll be just fine. *Giggles Evily* 
She threw me into a engradado, caixa and placed the engradado, caixa in the tronco, porta-malas of her car....
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posted by DiegoXShira2317
Madagascar:Each Of Their Stories Pt.1 
>Vitaly And Melody< 
~Melody's POV~ 
I walked out of my car and made my way to the hill. I know it was about a mile away from the train,but I needed some time to myself. I sighed and sat down,staring at the stars. I knew I couldn't perform at the circus because I had no talent,but I would give anything to try! While lost in thought I heard a deep russian voice. 
Vitaly:You ok? Me:I guess..... Vitaly:Vis something eating you? Me:I guess you can say that. Vitaly:Vell? Vhat is it? Me:It's just....*Sighs* I always wanted to cadastrar-se the circus,since we defeated...
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posted by Vampirata101
oi Guys, we are a group of students from Costa Rica, for a highschool assigment we had to prepare a roll play.

We chose Madagascar 2.

The making took 1 ano and 6 months, we spent tons of money, but at the end was awesome and the whole highschool went nuts!!!

There is a picture up there, go take a look!!

If some of you want to chek it out, we can get into an agreement and I can send you the video por e-mail or whatever.

A full Madagascar Roll Play, full costumes, full scenography, full make up, EVERYTHING!!!
posted by slurp
Hey, guys madagascar 3 is coming soon and dont you wanna watch it ? it's worth wasting your money on this type of show to be honest.Actually,the problem with some of you is you really wanna watch it but you just stare at the computer looking at all the trailers and imagens of madagascar3.So, what are you waiting for ?you still got a chance to watch it.It's no use staring at it all dia you think you can get the full movie just por watching the tv the whole dia and waiting for it to come?It will not come.They said IN CINEMAS not in television.So, you still got a lot of money to save and buy some...
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