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posted by LollyPopChiK101
~Alex's POV~
After the incident with Dubois,the Circus Zaragoza was a HUGE hit. Marty and Stephano on their canhão balling,Melman and Gloria on their tight-rope dancing,Vitaly on his ring act,and me and Gia on our trapeze act. And Gia.... What am I saying?! We're just friends! mom did say I should start finding a mate... Who else would I choose? Sure there are some lionesses back in Africa,but none of them are compared to Gia... I was so lost in thought,that I slammed straight into someone. Who was it? Gia.
Me:Gia? I'm so sorry! I was- Gia:Don't worry. It's ok. I wasn't looking where...
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posted by DiegoXShira2317
Madagascar (My Way) 
(BTW Melody's A Leapord) ^When The People Are Coming To The Zoo^ 
Alex:Ooooh! People! I amor people! Fun people fun time!!! Wake up Gloria! C'mon! *Hops On Back* 
*Jumps To Melmon's Den* 
MELMON,MELMON,MELMON!!! Come on rise and shine! Melmon:No,I'm callin sick. Alex:What?! Melmon:I had gotton another spot! *Points To It* See? Right there you see? Alex:Melmon,you know that's all in your head! *Jumps To Melody's Den* Melody! C'mon get up!!! Melody!!! Melody:Whatever! *Goes To The Corner And Sits Down* Alex:*Looks At Her And Shrugs And Goes To His Den* 
Announcer:And presenting,Alex...
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