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posted by greatness15
This is mason baker and I have had a crazy life and I've made the best of every moment. And I have you to thank cuz any time I find myself in a hard place I turn you up the harder the place the louder I know and have everyone of ur songs and CDs. All I wanted was to be great also and my love,life and my FAM needs me to be great and I feel like the way is to reach out to you. And you probly are like what the fuxx but I would do anything just to show my FAM and you I can be great let me show you and them I can be great, I guess all I'm asking mgk we bakers are all alike and believe in me like I have believed in you so plz show the amor that I have shown you. The words you spit has a hole new meaning in the world and it feels like we feel the same way about this life and the people in it and that's some real shxx and i want to renda, rendas, laço up and role with the life that shows real. EST.4LIFE

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Mason baker
 Now I work on my mind body and soul
Now I work on my mind body and soul
I have lived that kind of life that you see in the filmes but not all from one character but from many, from being abused and left abandoned to the system at 11 to rising up taking my life back and it being taken 100 xs back over. I left my abusive husband begin of Jan 2015 I was done I gave up but he was in a position I myself have been in and with nobody to help so despite others opinions and against them I tried to help him overcome his sadness and fight the battle within himself. After getting him through withdrawals and watching him go back and him beating me for the last time I turned...
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