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posted by AlexisLovesMGK
Dear MGK,

I honestly know you probably don't read these but you have saved my life... I think about suicide, I blast your music. I feel like self harming, I blast "See My Tears". You have changed my life Sooooooooooo much that honestly, I owe you one. You are the only person that I listen to that is pretty much keeping me alive. Without you, I probably wouldn't know about you, or even be here composição literária this for you... I think that I need to check my life over and see if I'm going down the right path... but then again, I always end up doing something stupid... so I don't do anything to check my life over again. I think to myself that everyone might like me if I'm being me, but apparently no one where I'm living likes me for the way I am... I am "emo" as people call it. But I'm normal and I delegate or have suicide thoughts... I can't change that unless I get help but I don't want the help that everyone thinks I should get... I honestly need your music... Without it I probably would kill myself...

~Kendrah~ "Alexis"
 Now I work on my mind body and soul
Now I work on my mind body and soul
I have lived that kind of life that you see in the filmes but not all from one character but from many, from being abused and left abandoned to the system at 11 to rising up taking my life back and it being taken 100 xs back over. I left my abusive husband begin of Jan 2015 I was done I gave up but he was in a position I myself have been in and with nobody to help so despite others opinions and against them I tried to help him overcome his sadness and fight the battle within himself. After getting him through withdrawals and watching him go back and him beating me for the last time I turned...
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