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Bella's Pov.

I ran and ran in the castle. The middle door. There was Jasper and the man

"So, you decided to marry me, my love?"

"Well...let's just say that I'm ready to defeat you! AND YOUR SO CALLED
'MASTER'" I said loudly.

I grabbed Rosalie untied her and said quickly to get the others free.

"Now, it's time to deal with YOU!!"

I threw a potion at Jasper that Carisle gave me for my birthday. Jasper
yelled and screamed. I threw the potion at the "Master" too.
Then he fell to the fround, and the capa disappeared. I saw his bare face.
Then, an image appeared. Then, I realized there was a mask! The real trouble
maker was...ESME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bella's Pov

"Stop Jasper!!! Stop!! You are under a wicked spell!
Is this your revenge!"

"Why yes my dear. You married Edward and had a baby named
Renesmee. So, what I have decided to do is to throw them in the dungeon
until you say yes to my proposal."

Now, I was in tears.

"Will you marry me?"

I wanted to say NO!!! But not in that tone of manner.

"Thank you, but I will pass," I said as politly as I could.

Then Rosalie went through exactly the same thing
Renesmee and Edward did.

"You know, I will do this to all your family. I even did it to Alice.
They aren't strong enough to break the ropes...
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Jasper's Pov

What is Edward doing here? Is the rest of my family here too? Edward took me
aside and said sternly, "Where's Bella. What have you done with her!?"

"I did nothing of the sort," he replied as quick as he could obviously showing
he's nervous.

"Then why is this guy standing right here asking to cadastrar-se their group?! What are you
doing or planning? Are you going against the Cullen's or something?! What's wrong with

"I want to tell you something," he said nervously, "I loved Bella since you first brought her to
our home. When you told us you were going to marry her, I was really mad at you. but
At first I was mad at Bella, I realized it was you who caused all this trouble for me!
I wanted to get revenge on you! And finally, when I found out you had Renesmee, you really did
it. I only told Alice and she swore to keep it a secret. I hope she did-"

"I hope you realize that I heard the story," Bella said out of nowhere...
Bella's Pov

"You shouldn't be," they both said together. Then the man said alone,
"Your Jasper has promised me a stronng one of our kind. We gather
more vampiros to become one of us. He has kindly let me put him under
a spell to destroy vampiros of all kind in a "spellish" way. Allow him to demonstrate.
YOU. Little girl. Come here."

"You shall never take my daughter away! You wicked monster! You can't do this to-"

Then the man used a purple raio, ray to pick up Edward. Edward started choking.

"Daddy! NO!!!" Renesmee shouted, "Put my father down! I'm warning you!"

Then, he used his other hand and...
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Jasper's Pov

"What's wrong Alice?"

Alice looked as if she were faint or something.

"Nothing is of the matter, I mean...nothing is...well
nothing is wrong okay?"

I really can't trust her sometimes, so I went to Edward.

"Edward, what is Alice thinking?"

"Why would I want to help you?! You tortured me once already!"

"Please! Just tell me what she is thinking!"

"I don't think I should tell them or should I? If someone is controllong Esme, where is this person-"

"Someone is controlling ESME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Edward shouted.

Then, everyone looked at Alice, Edward, and Esme's purple marking.
Alice's Pov.

"Stop hugging me you idiot!" Edward said snapping back.

"Edward let it go! You know not to say that word in front
of your daughter!" Bella said sharply back.

We exited the castelo ripping the sign off, though I had a feeling
that someone was watching us. With our vampire speed, we
sped back to Forks, so that Esme can be helped por Carisle.

Carisle was already there on the footsteps, waiting for us.

"How was it Renesmee? Was it fun?"

"A little scary!"

We all laughed. Emmett, who was holding Esme, put her down
on a chair in the dinning room. There, Dr. Cullen checked Esme

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Bella's Pov.

"ESME!!!!!!!" As I ran over towards her.

"Uh...where am I?" Esme said wearily.



"Hey Bella, I sorry for causing you all this trouble. I didn't mean to.
I did feel sad that, I never got to marry you. That's whay I didn't come to your
party. Then, Esme came. Something really strange happened. She turned
purple and then, she was in a cloak. Then, she put me under a spell to follow'
whatever she says. I tried to stop her, but it was too late. She told me that
I would regret asking you out for the rest of my-"

"MOMMY!!!!!" Renesmee shouted.

"It's always my ple-MOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

"We have to get her to Carisle. I will explain what I told Bella," Jasper said calmly.

Suddenly, everyone took three steps away from Jasper.

"It's okay guys. He's back to normal," I said.

Edward replied sharply, "Well how can we prove it!?"

"I will show you."

Then, Jasper hugged Edward.
Edward's Pov.

I wake up, finding myself asleep, in ropes, mouth covered. Everyone else is sleeping,
and I can't break myself out of it. Then, Jasper and the man, come in. I pretend to sleep.

"Should we do it now? Or later?"

"The killing of Bella? We will wait until she goes through what these guys experienced,
then, we will do them first. Then her."

No. No. NO!!!!! I must get my self out of this! I must find Bella and fast!!
What am I going to do! I can't get myself out!

Rosalie: Uh...

Jasper: Looks like sumbody's up! Can we do it now master? Please!?
Just so I know what to do with the others?

Master: Alright, but just her.

Rosalie: AH Mrjekjsnubgu!!!

NO!!! NOT ROSALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bella's Pov

I never thought I would lose my family like that. I never would
have thought I put them in so much danger. Especially
my poor Renesmee!!! (sobs)

"WHY!!!!!!!!?????????" I shouted as loud as I could.

Then I started to think, what if I never see them again?
Do I have to marry Jasper to get my family out?

Then I snapped myself out of that subject.

There are three possible ways of getting my family back to safety.

1: Marry Jasper
2: Get the spell out of Jasper
3: Find a way to find my family then snap my family out of the spell,
then get Jasper out of it and then, fight him if we have to.

I now know what to do.

Then, I went back to the dark black castelo to fight Jasper and whoever
the man is...
Bella's Pov.

We all looked at each other. That scream was SO familiar. Where's Alice?

"Alice? Alice where are you?!" I shouted.

Then there was another yell coming from the middle door.
Then we realized. Alice went ahead of us and went towards the middle
section. We all ran as fast as we could. Edward smashed the door
and there they were. Alice, The mysterious man, and Jasper, with
mysterious purple eyes.

"Surprised to see me?" the man and Jasper said at once.
Renesmee Pov.

I was excited when I heard that I got to do what my family does!
I was happy until now. That sign creeped me out. Greatly. Mom and
Dad were in front of the crowd, and I stood in the back seguinte to Emmett
and Rosalie. Uncle Emmett hugged me. He knew that I was dyingly scared.

"It will be okay. Uncle Jasper will be back to normal in no time," he said gently.

"Right. He will be fine," Aunt Rosalie said.

Suddenly, the large door opened, then, mom and dad entered proudly.


I felt a chill spread through my body. Though, I felt like I need to help Jasper. He needs
help. My help.

As we entered the black castle, it was pitch black. There was a bondfire ahead of us and
it wasn't just a regular fire! IT MOVED! It showed us the way until we reached the main room.
Then there were three doors. Through the middle, we heard yelling and screaming from a
Edward Pov's

How could Jasper betray us?! He has never done such a thing.
I never thought any of the Cullens would be against each other.

"It says that we need to go to Europe, in France. London, France to be exact.
There is supposed to be a beautiful forest, and deep within the forest is
a black castle. No one is allowed to trespass unless if they wish to die the
harsh way," Bella said solemnly.

I didn't know what to say but to say, "Let's find him."


Alice' Pov

I felt so ashamed that I kept this secret from everyone. I...
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Bella's Pov

First, Edward and I had no idea where Jasper was going
so we went to his room. Edward searched quickly and under his bed,
we found an old, scratched up book. It was made of gold.

"The book of all the clans of revenge..." Edward said solemnly," Jasper
wanted revenge so he took this book out of Carlisle's room to find which
clan he should join. The problem is that, we don't know which one."

We searched and searched all night. We looked at all the pictures
of the men of the leaders and finally found the one.
Bella's Pov

"What? Did you think that I wouldn't come?" I said with anger, "You think I would marry you?!
Edward is my real husband and will always be forever. No one, even you can change

Jasper was not afraid. I knew he was up to something that wasn't good.

Instead of replying to my answer, he went towards the mysterious man and said, "I will cadastrar-se you, if you will keep my promise. I also will promise that I will make this new group strong and will make mais of us."

The mysterious man and smiled grimly and waved his hand...
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Edward's Pov

We were having a wonderful time at the party. We ate cake and we sang songs and
I was enjoying myself until I felt I needed to talk to Bella. Alice looked really worried. Her mind
said that she regreted keeping the secret from Bella. So I looked for Bella wondering,
what's the secret. The strangest thing was, where is Bella when this is her party? I searched everywhere
until I found the note"

I went to find out why Jasper is upset. I will be back soon.

Now I started to realize why Alice regreted a secret and why Bella left. She wanted to know
where Jasper was and that Jasper...
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This is my first fanfiction. Enjoy. ^_^

Bella's Pov

Edward and I have been living so peacefully after the wedding and the birth of Renesmee.
We all, Edward, Renesmee and I, decided that it wa time to be one big family.
Since Renesmee has been living with Jacob for a while, I think it is time that we
have a true family life.


In human life, today was my 30th birthday and I was proud. In human age, 30 is
a big accomplishment in life. I make my first step into real adult-hood.
As a vampire though, it is just saying that you lived for another long...
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