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'Duck Dynasty' estrela Sadie Robertson and dance Instructor Mark Ballas do a dancing rendition of Super Mario Bros on Dancing with the Stars, season #19... joined up with Toad and a near dance breaking Luigi!
dancing with the stars
pato dinastia
sadie robinson
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Luigi, holding on to the nozzle, opened the mansion's door; it creaked noisily yet creepily.
"Anyone here?" Luigi asked, knowing it was a stupid question; there was either anyone here, or no one here at all—at least, not anyone solid around the mansion.
To answer his question, there was echoed laughter among the cobwebbed hallways.
"Uh, yeah...," Luigi mumbled.
The two went in; the door shut—well, slammed was the better word for it—behind them, leaving a huge nuvem of dust in its wake.
"Very welcoming," Yoshi commented.
The dup practically tiptoed along the predictably and seemingly empty hallway,...
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Luigi and Yoshi looked behind them from where the voice had come from.
To their surprise, it was exactly as they had assumed the voice had come from.
“Birdo!” Yoshi cried with relief.
“In the flesh,” Birdo answered, half-smug. The other Birdos beside her murmured in agreement, their tones echoing the semi-smugness that radiated from the one who had just spoken.
“We could sure use some help,” Luigi breathed; part of the tension that had only been building up from within him had eased some when he and Yoshi’s rosa, -de-rosa friend had shown up for help. Then worry sprouted up from its place....
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