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posted by Dearheart
 My all-time favorito couple: Ed and Winry from "Fullmetal Alchemist".
My all-time favorite couple: Ed and Winry from "Fullmetal Alchemist".
This was inspired por a prompt in the fanpop Writer's Group: "Write 20-40 lines about amor without using the words love, passion, desire, favor, regard, heart, need, want or longing."

It sounded like a fun challenge, and the prompt fit so perfectly into my idea of a good snarky/sweet/best-friend romance, so I ran with it. I also drew inspiration from (of all things) some of my favorito animê couples; mainly Ed and Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist (LOVE THAT SERIES SO MUCH), and Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach. I amor both relationships because this is exactly what they are. Unromantic romances. I...
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posted by sugarsweet076
This is the story of my first love. No this isn’t a chick flick well I hope it’s not. I guess I’m only composição literária this to get all my feeling out about him. Well I guess it started when my older brother brought him home. They were best friends at the time. They did everything together like best friends should. I just thought he was a weirdo with that goofy laugh he had. He always laughed at the most stupidest things. After a while of him coming over I guess feeling started towards him. I always wanted to hang out with him even though he was three years older than me. I didn’t care. He was...
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posted by isabelle_905

Tequila and Salt

This should probably be taped
to your bathroom mirror
where one could read it every day.

You may not realize it,
but it's 100% true.

1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for.

2. At least 15 people in this world amor you in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.

4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.

5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. You are special and unique.

8. Someone that you don't...
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posted by Mallory101
 Lament of a Dying borboleta
Lament of a Dying Butterfly
Lament of a dying borboleta -- even the best shall fall;
por breaking the only rule of the game of seduction,
It shattered the illusion that I did not care at all --
And slowly started to bring forth my own destruction.

Lament of a dying borboleta -- even the best shall fall;
Hearts tormented por past betrayals and destroyed trust --
A test to see if you cared enough to break down my walls,
Not just another plan for own satisfaction of lust.

Lament of a dying borboleta -- even the best shall fall;
Staring at you with teary cheeks and pain-filled eyes,
Stricken down from the sky, a lost soul's desperate call --
For redemption and a way out of a flawless disguise.

Lament of a dying borboleta -- even the best shall fall;
Two creatures searching for comfort, tried to fly high --
Fell together towards the earth, in a world so small,
Held each other close, not yet ready to say goodbye.
posted by AlOoOosh
Your choice :
I know that you got to go
But, no I can’t let you go now
You are the reason why I’m alive
You are the reason why I am existed
I’m breaking every night
While you are sleeping in your bed
Take my hand and lets go

I am bleeding …I am bleeding
And I need you to stay
Let me see the sorrows
that are kept deep inside of you
I want you to explode
Show me that monster
Cry…disappoint me
And let me scream
I still can’t find the right way

You’ve driven me here
And now you are fading
No…you won’t disappear again
I can’t believe I found you
I’ve taken everything from you
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posted by irena83
amor me...
Hate me...
Touch me...
Hurt me...
Save me...
Rape me...
It's the same now,
whenever i see the emptiness
in your eyes,
this coldness in your eyes
is killing me,
but your hands are still warm...

And i know,
oh i know my coração still
belongs to you,
and you hate me,
oh you hate it...
You hate my pure love,
but your hands are still warm...

And i want you,
oh i still want you,
but i'm scared,
oh i'm scared,
and now i see,
oh i see the emptiness in your eyes,
this coldness in your eyes
is killing me.
But you don't care,
you'll tear my soul over
and over again.

And you hate me,
oh you hate me,
'cause i amor you so,
oh you hate my pure love,
and you're smiling to my pain,
but now i see the emptiness
in your eyes,
oh now i see so clearly,
but your hands are still warm...
posted by Nicki-was-here
amor is so many differnt things. amor is a young couple.
amor is a famliey. amor is friends amor is everything.
amor may hurt if your hart breaks.
amor may shock you when you find it.
amor will find you when you need it most.
amor is with us all it will always be there for us.
So say we are all lost souls untell we find the one I belive that do you?
amor in many ways can save us,save us when we are sad or when we are upset.
amor is all of us everyone you and me.
amor is all around us it is every where.
posted by Dark-Blood
 my wedding bands! :D
my wedding bands! :D
it was a ano atrás an after 2 really bad relationships (on here) I was done ready to give I said my goodbyes I had my bottle of pain pills and pepis ready to end my life at início I was going through abuse I was covered in bruises I figured my life wasn't worth living so I was done the night before I was ready to take my life I checked my fanpop mural and there was one post that said *im wounded* so I checked it this user had been dumped lied to hurt just like I had been I had never talked to this user before but now I was on his mural posting a *what happened ans how can I help* a few posts back...
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posted by Noeli-Chan
In my chemistry class, I'm sitting seguinte to a guy that I liked before, in the back of the classroom.
As we are in the back, and the teachers do not attend, we can laugh whenever we want.
One dia he told a joke, and I started to laugh, he simply smiled and started laughing too.
The boy that (I think) I like now, was looking at me at the time, so did he did a bored face and said loud:'' Look at the lovebirds laughing!''
Then he looked at me as if thinking,''What, you like him now?'', And when the class was over he ran after me and said ''you two deserve to be together, go, be happy with him, bitch''...
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posted by Alyssa2903
You are every part of me
And with every breath I take
Your amor will light my way
And for every dia I live
The promise that I made
Is I will never let you go

I swear I never knew amor like this before
And for everything you are
I gotta make you know
For your love

And I'd give anything for your love
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
And forever I'll stand por your side
I just gotta make you see yeah
I only live... for your love
When I was running out of faith
You still believed in me
And never let me fall
And the times I lost my way
You're the one who held me up
And brought me through it all

I swear I never saw it like this before
'Cause baby with your amor you gave me
The reason to go on
And for your love

And everything I am
And all that I could be
Would mean nothing now
If you're not with me
Shinin' your light on me
When night is closen' in
When I was weak
You were the one who made me strong
you gave me faith to carry on
posted by AlOoOosh
I don’t amor you….
But I want to be with you…
I admire you..
I don’t amor you..
I only want to stay with you…
I want to follow you..
To hell ……to heaven ….as long as I am with you..
About the whole world I don’t care…
As long as I am with you..
I don’t amor you..
But I am always thinking of you..
I am not worried about you..
I am worried about my future ….about my life..about my whole world…without you………
I don’t amor you..
But I loved dreaming with you…
I don’t amor you..
but I am seguro with you …
And I want to hold you
I don’t amor you…
So… you amor me?
I don’t hate you …
But please tell me..
Who am I?
And who are you???
amor has been on my mind a lot lately, and I don't know how to deal with it. My mother always told me not to look so hard because its right in front of me, well I must be blind not to see it cause so far its not. I'm 21 I know I'm young but I found no one. I've had boyfriends, and almost married, then he changed his mind because I wouldnt let him control me, and he wouldnt agree on anything I said. I belive in amor at first sight, and I have been in amor with a man for the past 5 years, and I don't know how to tell him, because he's married, going on 2 years.

I feel so lost and alone, I don't know where else to look or where to go, If amor isnt in front of me, then I should look harder, the sweeter men are HARD to come by, the man I amor happend to be everything I dreamed of as a child. Should I look somewhere else, look harder, and look out of North Jersey? I feel lost, What should I do?
 You make me happy like one else *-*
You make me happy like one else *-*
I amor my girlfriend, meeting her was the best thing that happened to me on this life. She is able to make me happy like no one else, she's there for me and she truly loves me and cares for me. She's truly the light that can make all the dark moments of my days shine brighter. She's the most beautiful girl in everyway, no girl in this universe could compare to her in my eyes. I only want and need her, not only now, but also for the rest of my life. I want to make her the most happy and take care that her coração stays very safe, she's the most precious in my life, the most valuable treasure,...
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posted by PUNKMUNK
Not the water that travels in a flow
Not the earth that sits below
Not the wind that blows through his hair
Not the fogo that shines in his stare
None of the four old elements will do
Let's add a fifth, for me and you
One for the smile that sits on our faces
One that makes our hearts take off at paces
That slams our hearts against our ribs
That takes no offence to the jokes and the fibs
Something that reflects even better than as cores light
Something that makes you feel in flight
A feel that makes you thirst for more
A feel like water at beaches shore
A thing that makes you do hand-in-hand
A special thing you wouldn't trade for all the land
A truth and care you see in his eyes
A truth and care clearer than the clearest skies
A fogo bright to burn forever
A fogo you keep going together
One that makes you smile and makes your coração throb
One that's really for us, just us
Let's call it Love...
posted by Lovedreamer96
YOU HAVE to read all of them and if you don't your going to come across with problems in your relationship for the seguinte month!

1) Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep they always think about the girl they truly care about

2) Guys are mais emotional then you think if they loved you at one point it takes them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every segundo that they arent with you

3) Guys go crazy over a girl's smile

4) A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to

5) Giving a guy a hanging messa​ge like "You know what uh...never mind....."...
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posted by elizasmomma
You’re the last thought
Swarming to stutter to a
Stop in my shattered skull
Before I fall to sleep.

Find me in your hands
Perfect ash sifting with
Bright laughter to lift
Your pale spirit.

And I swear, if you leave
There won’t be any honest
anjos left to be given the
título of trusting lust again.

Do not scream, do not
Stare at the bloodied
Bandages that saved us
From losing our cocoons
And cracking into two.

Daemon angel, sugar kisses
Tearing tears from anxious eyes,
You are a porcelana piece
That ripples to my spine,
You are Love.
posted by IsabellaAzuria
 Without him I felt incomplete...
Without him I felt incomplete...
After my boyfriend wrote this artigo I have to say, to make things correct, that he saved my life as well. First of all I want to say happy three months, Mário, for making them the three best months of my life so far. <333 I amor you very very much *-*
I had a beautiful childhood but after that time when the secondary school started, everything should be different. I knew right away I didn't belong to the school for the most intelligent Germans. Not that I wasn't intelligent, I just didn't like the school and how arrogant everybody was, how much better than the others everyone wanted to...
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 Me and Nessie. Two bodies, one soul *-*
Me and Nessie. Two bodies, one soul *-*

You brightened up my life and gave color to my black & white world. I have to thank you for all the amor you give to me and all the trust you have on me, for being so understanding and sweet. You are so beautiful in every way, truely an angel. It's not possible to describe in words how much you mean to me, I amor you too much. You are my life and I'm gonna live you. We are as one, one soul divided in two bodies, sharing the pain and the happiness together, the good and the bad moments. Always remember how much I care for you. I want you to be happy, very happy, so you can always count on me for everything, I'll always be there for you, I promise. You are the one Nessie, it's with you that I wanna spend the rest of my life. Forever, you and me together, that's what I wish from the depths of my heart, and I hope you feel the same way.

amor you and live you Nessie, so very much! *-*

Mário Silva
1.Girls like to be listen to

2.Girls like when a guy gives them flowers(if they want flowers)

3.Girls hate when you forget there birthday

4.When girls act like they don't care, they really do

5.Girls hate when guys are lazy

6.Girls amor it when you tell them you amor them

7.If your a guy, and likes a girl, try to do something she likes

8.Don't under no circumstances, ever come back late forgot to tell the girl(she'll get really pissed)

9.If a girl is having problems, make the best of the opportunity

10.Tell the girl she's beautiful when her boyfriend doesn't

11.Don't beat up another guy for flirting...
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posted by gublerlover1
my mind is hazy yet u make it clear
with u i can go through life without a fear
time goes on and so do people
yet never shall we part at the steeple

the world to me without u would be nothing but war
but when ur here its like sitting on the sea shore
time and time again i see ur shining face in the nights sky
i feel like im above the clouds as i float and fly

the only thing i want is to amor and be loved por u
and i could only hope u feel the same way too
so all ways be por my side an i will be por yours
an forever will we sit on those sea shores

Always and forever.