Long Distance Relationships For Us to Get to Know One Another. :D

NCISLuverjk93 posted on Dec 08, 2012 at 02:17PM
I thought since there probably won't be too many fans of this club, that we could get to know eachother personally, and perhaps be like a LD support group..?

So anything you want to share, ask, comment on, etc., you can always come here!

Long Distance Relationships 2 replies

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over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
I like this club, I think it's a good idea! It's a stretch to say that I'm a "fan" of long distance relationships, cause they are very hard, but if you find the right person you can't let anything get in the way of that! End of story.
over a year ago NCISLuverjk93 said…
Thank you! :D I was going through all the various dating/relationship clubs and seeing as I'm in an LDR I was wondering why the heck they didn't have one! And thus I created one. xD

And I completely agree, they're certainly not for those that aren't serious about one another. At least, in my opinion. It takes a lot of love, hard work, trust, etc. to 'get through' it.

But in the end it's all well worth it, if that person is worth it, to you.