lisa marie presley Best Elvis and Lisa fotografia (You can choose Elvis and Lisa comparations)

anouk1998 posted on Jun 30, 2011 at 12:38AM
I ♥ this photo!!!
 I ♥ this photo!!!

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over a year ago mjjj29fan said…
omg that is soooo beautiful
over a year ago harrypotterbest said…
Love it :)
over a year ago rakshasa said…
I have to say, Lisa Marie has such a sweet little face ^_^ & Elvis, handsome as ever! Nice photo, I love it ^^
over a year ago theonlyking said…
I love it, like father like daughter. I love this one too
 I amor it, like father like daughter. I amor this one too
over a year ago irmafan said…
This photo is my favorite one
 This fotografia is my favorito one