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posted by livi_wells
Auhtor's Note: This fanfiction takes part after Gillian is attacked. It gives an alternate situation to the hospital scene.

When he grabbed her, her mind went blank. Her thoughts were consumed por escaping his gasp. Screaming, clawing, thrashing, anything she could do to separate herself from her attacker. She felt him drag her along the ground. Cold and hard it scraped against he back as she tried to pull herself free. Her surroundings were obscured por the flashes of black her mind saw, everything in slow motion where a segundo lasted what seemed like and hour. She felt him drop her. Footsteps...
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From episode trator Man.
lie to me
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white lie
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posted by Juliana_House
Well, honestly, this case wasn't very interesting until the end. It was a little slow, but it had some amusing scenes throughout and that's what kept me hooked. (That and the fact that I need to write this full review....and Tim Roth...)

Gillian and Loker's case:
Now, at the beginning, I didn't fully understand what was going on. All I heard was blood, blood...and something about tainted blood. It was a good case, emotional on some level, but all around boring. Eli stayed in the lab, stating the obvious to the audience ("He's setting a base line" ect) and Gillian was all awesome asking the right...
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posted by tvshowfan
Foster was help captive, then is drowned in a lake or a pool. Lightman saves her life por giving her CPR.
Later that night, LIghtman and his daughter are about to eat dinner.
And Foster shows up.
Lightman respostas door,
" Hey, um I just wanted to drop off this case file." Foster says.
Lightman gives her a funny look, and takes the file.
"Hey do you want to come in for a moment?" Lightman ask Foster.
"Um it looks like you are about to eat" Foster says observing Lightman's daughter setting the table.
"Yea that's okay, you can eat with us."
Foster pauses for a moment, and says okay.
The three of them have...
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Theme song of Lie to Me. enviado por HeterosexualMale on YouTube. Unfortunatly not really the theme song. :(. What's the real theme song?!
theme song
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