Leyton Family<3 {Tumblr Meme thing with LPF's mais popular shows; Pretty Little Liars} Which options do you most/kind of agree with?

Pick one:
First character I fell in amor with; Spencer Hastings
A character I used to amor and now don't; Wren Kingston
A ship I used to amor but now don't; Wren & Spencer
My ultimate favorito character; Hanna Marin
Prettiest Character; Emily Fields
My most hated character; Cece marreco, marreco, drake
My OTP; Hanna & Caleb
My NOTP; Spencer & Caleb
Saddest Death; Maya St. Germain
favorito Season; 3
Least favorito season; 4
Character everyone else loves, but I don't; Ezra Fitz
My "you're a piece of trash, but I still amor you" fave; Caleb Rivers
Beautiiful cinammon roll that deserves better; Hanna Marin
My guilty pleasure ship; Emily & Alison
My lowkey ship; Spencer & Toby
 mooshka posted over a year ago
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