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posted by BubblesAndAce
Cole X Reader

Requested por : link

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(hair color)

Risk Taker

"(Your Name), hold up!!!" Cole yelled.
The (hair color) haired girl just ran faster toward the big bridge. She was very excited that Cole had agreed. No one else on the bounty seemed to want to go bungee jumping with her except for her best friend.

"You hurry up, slow poke!" (Your Name) yelled, picking up her pace.
Cole hurried after her as she dashed onto a bridge.

(Your Name) set down a very heavy-looking bag beside her. She opened it up and dug through it, finally pulling out two thick green...
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posted by lovecole
Waring: this has a yaoi and not a fellow up to last story) Kai walked into the game room he saw Cole and Zane playing a video game. I Won! Cole shouted. Can ...... Kai muterd as he stood there like a zombie. Are you O.K? Cole asked. Kai just stood there and then lied on the sofá as he watched Cole and Zane play the video game. jantar is done gaio, jay said. What's wrong with Kai? Lloyd asked. I don't know Cole said. Cole ..... can I talk to you outside? Kai asked. Sure pal Cole said cheer fully. ( outside) feno so what's up? Cole said. Kai said nothing but kissed Cole on the lips. Why did you stop?...
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