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PrinceRhaegar posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 04:38PM
Hey i love kissing, but i feel that is one of the more intimate things you can do with another person, I dont know about you all, but i refrain(?) from making-out with someonee unless i realy feel for them anyone agree or disagree put your comments below

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over a year ago HisAngel63 said…
yeah i agree. I mean, I made out with a guy three years older than me, and I regret it so much. Looking back at it, I should have waited, it's an intimate thing. It shouldn't be wasted.
over a year ago Sinna_Hime_chan said…
This forum was made so long ago, and only one person commented. (At least one did!) 592 fans at the time I was the first to make a quiz question or add a video! O.O

Somewhere I read that men were studied and it was seen that they were MORE selective on who they kissed than even who they slept with- which supports the comment and question that it is thought of asa highly intimate shared thing. I have known people who said that during casual sex their partners did not kiss ~ and I am someone who thinks kissing can be one of the best things on earth, but if there is no chemistry, no connection, no spark, no feelings- then it is really a bust and waste of my time as far as NOT something I want.

I have always wanted earth-shaking & fireworks, but more than that, I think most people deep down want something more- a deeper connection, a truelove, something special- "something."

Lasting love may not be that first Kiss that you hoped to marry, then again mysteries of mysteries how the Heavens open up and impart things unexpected and that can often exceed our limited thought at that given moment. Time has a way of working~

Kissing gets better with practice, I think too, but I do not suggest the empty nothingness of no feelings or just going through motions. It is better when there is someone you actual share mutual feelings with.
over a year ago Sinna_Hime_chan said…
What Does Kissing Mean To You?

You say kissing "should mean something" - (well the author did..) and I am curious exactly what is meant by that. This being an older forum, I probably will not know now. However, others could say if they do agree, what it means to them, or what they want it to mean? Love? Marriage? Forever? Something else? More than Lust? Just a thing to do like chewing gum...? etc. :)
 [b]What Does beijar Mean To You?[/b] You say beijar "should mean something" - (well the author d
over a year ago kitsune-no-hime said…
Kissing should mean something/ It is intimate. There is a difference between meaningful kisses and meaning something. A kiss without meaning is not really worth it to me romantically speaking.
 beijar should mean something/ It is intimate. There is a difference between meaningful kisses and me