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Larxene: oi Deanxra, Xion
Xion: What?
Larxene: You want to sneak into the boys room
Deanxra: What?
Larxene: You know for a little fun
Xion: I don't know what if we-
Deanxra: count me in
Xion: Huh?!
Larxene: So how about it Xion?
Xion: No I'm going to slee-
Larxene: what if you can be with Roxas while he's sleeping?
Xion: (suddenly stops)
Larxene: so do you want to cadastrar-se us?
Xion: Okay
At the boys side
Larxene: see we're not caught
Deanxra: Yeah guess so, wait where's Xion?
Larxene: I think I know where she is, follow me
Deanxra: Okay
At Roxas' Room
Xion: (Roxas is really cute when his sleeping)
Roxas: zzzzzzz
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Organization XIII does the Gangdam Style
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Organization XIII - Sitar. Story: They've all reunited and they want to celebrate por having a dance party, so Demyx wants to play on his Sitar while everyone else dance in the background! xD
organization xiii
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 Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
How does one know they are a loyal Organization XIII fan? Lots of reasons. I'm going to list a few of them. Please add your own if you want.

1. You have memorized their names and powers.
2. You own a casaco and where it everywhere.
3. You try and open Dark Corridors to get places.
4. You end up having no emotion after playing as your favorito members in KH 358/2 Days.
5. You walk up to a aleatório brunette spikey haired boy and demand for Roxas to return to the Organization
6. (my favorite) You rearrange your name and insert an X to make up an Organization name for yourself and order people to call you...
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