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peterslover posted on Feb 24, 2010 at 07:35AM
This club has changed. I SO LOVED THIS CLUB WHEN I JOINED. In fact I got a 'dedicated medal' here. I was happy and very proud to receive it. I have been active here because my heart WAS here. There ARE fans that I LOVE. But as time has gone by with the activity that I've seen, it has become more of a private club. Has it been that way from the beginning? If so I would NOT have joined. Heaven forbid I should step on anyone's toes. The icon and banner sucks now, if you WANT anyone else here. I will not return, *real tears* I don't feel I belong. The "three musketeers" rule here. I guess I'm not part of it. It's not I want to...I just want to be FRIENDLY with the fans that I love...including you three....HELLO!!! *slamming downing on the keyboard* I HATE to say this....BUT I'M DONE....good-by :`(((( THIS SUCKS :(((((((((((((
 This club has changed. I SO LOVED THIS CLUB WHEN I JOINED. In fact I got a 'dedicated medal' here. I

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over a year ago Vicky-Vardhan said…
Sorry Susie (Clarklover) From Bottom Of My Heart <3
We Create This Spot When We are Going Through Very Bad Time In Fanpop .!
& This Spot is Very Close To Our Heart Than Any Spot In Fanpop !
We Love This Spot So Much <3
Our Every Picture In This Spot Is Very Special for 3 Of Us .!
Our 1st Motto
Give Me K For Karen & K 4 Keep
Give Me S For Sylvie & S 4 Smiling
Karen + Sylvie = Keep Smiling
Team Smile Place By Vicky & Also New Motto By Me !
Sylvie & Karen are My Very Special Friend we Shared here Lots Of Things Which are Really Beautiful & Beyond For Me Always !
& I Just Want To Request You Susie Please Respect Our Feelings For This Beautiful Place !
& If You Want To Say Any Bad Words You Can Call Me I Dont Mind !
I hope you Understand Our Feelings ♥
Thanks Susie & Sorry Once Again
- Vicky-Vardhan
over a year ago peterslover said…
When I joined this club I thought it was for ANYONE that had an uplifting spirit, wanting to share the love, happiness, friendship, kindness, and giving. It SEEMED that way long enough for me to love this club....long enough for me to contribute and earn a green medal here. But it became a threesome only club. I'm very disappointed that suddenly ( it seems) that this as become a private club. All that I have done here is in vain. Better that I know it now than later become more a fool :P
I have deleted this club from my profile. I have lost a year of a once great club, friends, and a green medal. :`((
thanks a lot :P :P :P
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