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posted by unloved
Justin I hope that wherever you are that one dia you read this. So perhaps you can feel the similar pain that I experience on a daily basis.

Just known that even though I have never met you, I hate you, with every fiber of my being as one might say. Its not your fault really, it has nothing to do with your wonderful performances in your films (of which I am a fã of). Or anything youve done in your life, physically, artistically, socially, or privately. No the reason I hate you Justin Bartha is because you posses something I dont. Something I worked for to achieve for many years but never did,...
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Tickets are now on sale to the world premiere of Jesse Eisenberg's play, Asuncion, at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in NYC. Justin Bartha stars with Jesse Eisenberg, Camille Mana, and Remy Auberjonois. Check out Rattlestick's website for mais information and to purchase tickets!


In Asuncion, Edgar (Eisenberg) and Vinny (Bartha) are not racist. In fact, Edgar maintains a blog condemning American imperialism and Vinny is three-quarters into a PhD in Black Studies. When a young Filipina woman named Asuncion (Mana) becomes their new roommate, Edgar and Vinny have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how open-minded they truly are.

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posted by MinnieMouse1223
Justin Bartha, not only very hot but his character in National Treasure was exactly what the public needed, a real person. We do not just an over makeuped, botox crazy, tabloid legends we need an actor. A real actor some examples would be Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, and a few others. An actor who picks not good but great parts someone who uses the cleverness of their own mind to capture the audience. Someone who doesn't just act but lives, who sees them selves in the character. If you have my same feelings about atuação or just want to talk e-mail me at talktomeglw@gmail.com. Thank you.