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fugiami posted on Mar 02, 2010 at 09:24PM
there are times when i doubt god exists. i sin more and more often now. i want to believe in god and i want to have undying devotion to him, but i am having such problems. i fear he doesn't exist. i fear of going to hell. i try so hard to believe, to change my thoughts, to pray. i've been going to church, but for whatever reason, it doesn't help. please help me. i am such a mess. i don't want to be a non-believer. i pray but it feels as if no one hears me.i feel so hopeless. i want to be a good christian, i want to follow in gods footsteps, but i can't. i'm frustrated beyond sense. i don't want to be like the ancient greeks who spent their lives worshipping all in all nothing. please, if there is anyone out there, please help me. i need to be saved. i want to be saved. please. i need advice and hope and assurance. please. save me from myself. i am desperate.

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over a year ago SouthParkSmart said…
First of all, it's perfectly okay to doubt that God exists. Everyone does at some point and it's completely normal. But I and many other people (91% of the population) can assure you that God is very real. It's good that you're going to church! Perhaps you could talk to a pastor or someone you are comfortable with at your church to answer some of your questions about His existence, or read books about it.

Secondly, you don't have to worry about going to hell. Since you're committed to becoming a good Christian, you just have to turn your life over to Jesus. Just give your heart to the Lord, and you're saved! Trust in Him always and know that God has plans for you.

If you ask God to forgive you of your sins, he definitely will! And because he sent Jesus to die for your sins, you are saved. Depending on the specific sin(s), you may want to get extra help with trying to stop (a counselor, pastor, etc.).

And about prayer, I've felt no one was hearing me either for a while. I just kept at it and suddenly I felt like God was there, listening. Try this and I'm sure it will work for you, too! You could set a time of day to pray, if you aren't already.

I hope this helps. God bless!
over a year ago cloudcastle said…

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Hello fugiami . . .

Maybe this help . . .

God could equal 1.

Jehovah could equal 2.

Jesus Christ could equal 3.

You could pray to number 1.

1 could equal 'G'od.

2 could equal 'g'od.

3 could equal 'g'od.

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

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