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DKFan1 posted on Jun 16, 2009 at 09:36PM
This forum is where you can talk about God, and what great thing's He has been doing in your life. Tell us your testimony, and more.

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over a year ago peterslover said…
I want to give testimony on how God touched me and my son's life during a VERY SADDENED time. On Nov. 30th,2001 my husband died at home of a heart attack. Just moments before, God sent my friend over, (to show me what she made). God sent her to help me deal with Skip dying. And right after Skip died, God sent another neighbor (to pick up her son). I sent my son to be with her.
God touched me in a way where I wasn't freaking out, with Skip dying in front of me. It's hard to describe. I KNOW GOD WAS WITH ME! Beings this happened 25 days before Christmas, God touched people's hearts and they gave my son a HUGE Christmas! Even I received presents! And God told the company where Skip worked to hire me! My son and I were touched by Almighty God! *tears*