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jennifer garner Do you think Jennifer Garner is a good mother privately?

79 fans picked:
she is just an amazing mother any way you put it
(added by retrolove83)
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 fly posted over a year ago
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linaloveli picked YES!:
At least it looks that way...
posted over a year ago.
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kathiria82 picked YES!:
Well we'll never really know how she is at parenting but she is with her daughter in all the pictures I see.
posted over a year ago.
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xrockstarx picked YES!:
they seem like great pand theyve tried really hard to keep their private life private, which is always a good thing.
posted over a year ago.
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LisaForde picked YES!:
she keeps her life very private whic is the best way to be and she's not stuck up or anything she seems to be a nice person and shes not fake looking either which is what i like about her
posted over a year ago.
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Um, if it's private, how could you know?

and of course she looks good in pictures. that's the whole point. why would anyone want the paparazzi to catch them spanking their kid or whatever?
posted over a year ago.
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