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jay_z & Kanye West's 'Throne' Sells 436,000, Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200  lindalinh 0 890 over a year ago
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Mogul jay_z has been crowned No.1 Hip-Hop Cash King por Forbes  nakrul 0 621 over a year ago
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gaio, jay Z And eminem tockets On Sale Now  jessicaRoc 0 963 over a year ago
gaio, jay Z is a devil servant he is a satanist don't be fooled por him  dappa 0 810 over a year ago
gaio, jay Z is a devil servant he is a satanist dint be fooled por him  dappa 0 670 over a year ago
seen gaio, jay z  glendaa 0 798 over a year ago
***HOT Blueprint 3 Tour T-shirt***  shirtpost 2 3875 over a year ago
jay_z fans...  jiggaman215 0 886 over a year ago
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I, AM A jay_z GIRL 4LIFE. ARE? YOU, TELL US WHY.  hovfan4life 0 847 over a year ago
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