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A clip of iu from her recent Shanghai show, concerto has gone viral online after the artist was hit in the face por a water bottle thrown por a fan.

The incident occurred on November 8th while in Shanghai where iu was performing a concert.

During one of the breaks, iu began speaking to her audience and asked her fãs if they could hand her a water bottle. In one video, one fã from her right attempted to throw iu a water bottle but came up short on the throw which prompted the singer to ask a fã near the front if they could reach it and hand it to her. But just segundos after, another water bottle is...
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Posted on November 4, 2015
Image: LOEN Tree

IU‘s latest album CHAT-SHIRE has been a hit since its release over a week ago, the título track “Twenty Three” taking over the charts with all-kills under its belt.

With the immense positive reaction that the album has received from the public, criticism has also reached it as netizens discuss IU’s choice of lyrics for her song “Zezé” which are supposedly indecent.

Additionally, a netizen on Pann goes further to point out that a photographer pointed out the hidden concept behind IU’s CHAT-SHIRE jaqueta albums, a lolicon...
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