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New stills for the highly anticipated and star-studded drama Producer has been published, revealing a never-before-seen side of popular soloist IU.

Wearing a striking black outfit consisting of high-waisted shorts, matching topo, início revealing her mid-drift, and a see through over shirt, iu is seen performing on the stage of música Bank joined por her backup dancers.

On May 13th, officials from the variety-drama Producer revealed that iu is playing a topo, início sexy singer named Cindy, whose sexy and charismatic stage presence was acquired over a 10-year experience having debuted at the age of 13.

This is the first time iu will be performing with a sexy concept, so viewers can expect to see a whole new side of iu as she plays her part of the cold but sexy topo, início estrela Cindy on Producer.

The first broadcast for the drama is set to air on May 15th via KBS

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I can't believe we missed this (did we? I'm not sure haha), but Koreaboo posted an artigo a couple weeks atrás (yes, weeks T-T) titled "9 K-Pop Idols Who Look Way Too Beautiful in Uniforms", and of course, our always-too-beautiful iu was featured in it! Doesn't she look good too beautiful wearing anything tho?

K-Pop idols wear uniforms all the time, ranging from their performance outfits to like Girls’ Generation to the army uniform all men must wear for 2 years.

I can not believe that angel is exist xD haha...who am I to know what or who is exist in this world right!?
Singer iu will reportedly embark on a tour in China this summer!

According to a Chinese media outlet, iu will take up her 'Good dia in China' tour beginning in July, visiting Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao, and Shenzhen.

iu will be spending time with fãs through over 10 of her hit songs as well a couple of songs in Chinese for her fãs in China.

Stay tuned for mais details!

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Soju advertisements featuring iu will no longer be on display following a law change that restricts liquor ads that feature people under 24 years old.

Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced that liquor advertisements that display entertainers or athletes have officially been banned following the National Assembly’s passage of a revision to the Health Promotion Law.

According to the revised bill, any alcohol related advertisements featuring spokespeople under the age of 24 are banned from appearing in any form. While a ban on “spokespeople who are significant to and can have...
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The first episode of MBC Every1’s “Shin Dong Yup’s Bachelor Party,” (link) which aired on February 12, was full of many surprises for the cast members, especially Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

One of the bachelor fantasies that the cast talked about was receiving a “surprise kiss” from a girl.

To make the fantasia mais tangible, MC Shin Dong Yup got the cast members to imagine getting a surprise kiss from a female celebrity.

However, Eunhyuk was caught off guard when the female celebrity Shin Dong Yup used in the hypothetical was singer IU, whom Eunhyuk had a scandal with a few years ago....
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Park Myung Soo revealed that iu has been sending him presents for three years straight.

On the October 9 recording of “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” one of the listeners sent a message to the DJ saying it worries him that Park Myungsoo is close with iu now.

To this, Park Myung Soo explained that even if he wants to get closer to IU, he has not called her outside of work.

He said, “It’s not easy to get close with her. It’s not like I can just call her since she’s so busy, and I don’t want to overwhelm her. por the way, iu sent me a ginseng set for Chuseok. She’s been doing that for three years now. I want to tell IU, ‘I enjoyed the ginseng.’ iu jjang!”

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Using an example from the film adaptation of Lolita, netizens claimed to have further evidence of solo singer iu using concepts from the novel for her recent comeback.

Netizens have continued to attack the singer with alleged evidence. Quoting a scene from the film adaptation of Lolita, one netizen claimed that iu used the same phrasing when discussing the character Zeze from the book My Sweet laranja Tree. The quote, “What makes me anxious is this premature girl’s duplicity. She has softness of a child like a typical lolita, but it’s mixed with evil and vulgar vibes,” was compared to...
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Congratulations to IU, who took No. 1 on “Inkigayo” for two weeks running with “Twenty-Three,” despite no physical appearances on the show.

This week, iu took the win over formidable SM artists f(x), who took No. 2 on the show, and Taeyeon, who did not perform.

Performers for this week’s “Inkigayo” include BTOB, TWICE, December, MONSTA X, N.Flying, 24K, and more, with comeback performances from Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), Joo, and Romeo.

Also on the show, for their debut stage, was the new RnB group Big Brain.

f(x) — “4 Walls”

f(x) — “Diamond”

Joo — “Cry & Blow”


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iu was of course asked about her recently publicized relationship with Jang Kiha during 'CHAT-SHOW' on October 23.

When asked, "Are you having a really hard time?" she replied, "Everything is hard. Is there one person here who isn't having a hard time? Although there are hard times, I think it is a bit less hard these days." Another person then brought up Jang Kiha's name, flustering iu who said, "Hey, so that's... uh... there would be a lot of different complex reasons [for it being less hard]," and smiled.

She continued, "It hasn't been long since it's been revealed, but it's been two years...
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BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang took part in “Infinity Challenge“‘s special tenth anniversary special which included some awesome masked performances por a variety of stars, which were inspired por the song competition show “King of Mask Singer.” The “Infinity Challenge” members are also joined por some celebrity advisers such as Lee Juck and Yoo Hee Yeol to help them guess who each of the masked performers are.

Although fãs of the show had heard about the identities of several of the guests before the episode aired, such as G-Dragon, Taeyang, and IU, it seems that the “Infinity...
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1. [+5,844, -374] She'll be fine as long as her atuação hits at least average... and there's nothing to hate regarding her música so I'm totally for her participating in the OST.

2. [+4,029, -414] A song she's cantar in a drama as the role of a 23 ano old singer... Looking progressivo, para a frente to a great drama from all the cast and staff!

3. [+3,355, -687] She's good at everything so looking progressivo, para a frente to it! Do well!

4. [+2,667, -425] Oh, looking progressivo, para a frente to it!!!

5. [+328, -106] I'd like it if they cast an actor for her role but realistically speaking, the role would've gone to another idol...
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[TRANSLATION] 130327 iu THE FIRST FANMEETING IN Japão 『TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM』 - Voicemail + Talk + cantar Every End of the dia

That was Voice Mail!
Ah~ It’s sad.
The lyrics are sad right?
This song.. is about confessing one’s feelings.
It’s not really.. cute.. cute…
or shiny.
It’s slightly bashful.
Umm.. kind of like a fool, it’s a pleasantly plain, plain…
and sad song
but, but the reason I really like this song!
is because it’s really sincere! Yes!
It’s… not packed.. packaged.. umm..
not packaged! not packaged and everything is presented as it is
umm.. and conveyed...
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Singer iu has renewed her contract with a soju (Korean vodka) company. According to Chamisul company, which is a popular brand of soju in Korea, the company has closed the deal for renewing IU’s contract on December 17, and released a new poster featuring IU.

iu has been selected as Chamisul’s model at the end of 2014, and she has been participating in various promotional events with Chamisul.

This year, iu will kick off her renewal contract por celebrating with her fãs at the “Isul-Ro Festival” on December 23 at 5pm, at Hongdae. This event will be a party to celebrate the end of the year, and iu hopes to enjoy the party with her fans.

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On October 18, IU’s agency Kakao M issued a statement regarding legal action it is taking against malicious comments and rumours.

Read the statement below:

"Hello. This is IU’s agency Kakao M.

Our company has determined that there is a serious level of libel, sexual harassment, and personal attacks occurring through thoughtless malicious comments and the spreading of false rumours about our artist IU, and therefore we are taking legal action.

We inform you that we have collated related materials through continued monitoring and the collection of material enviado por fans, and on October 14...
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High school uniforms are seen a lot in South Korea as they're still implemented in most schools! It's not unusual to see idols also donning the attire whether it's for a CF or promotional concept.

Check out how these idols compare in their actual school uniforms from the past and their stylish ones in the present!








Lee Hyori








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1. HyunA - 4minute

Everyone holds onto a little bit of baby fat even as you grow older. We're not saying baby fat is unattractive — in fact we think its cute! But, slowly but surely most of us will eventually grow past our baby fat — signifying our step into adulthood. Take a look at our list of 13 idols who blossomed after losing their baby fat.

2. Chanyeol - EXO

3. Xiumin - EXO

4. IU

5. Mino - WINNER

6. Lee Hi

7. Doojoon - B2ST

8. Suzy - miss A

9. Hoshi - SEVENTEEN

10. Jungshin - CNBLUE

11. Soyou - SISTAR

12. Jimin - BTS

13. T.O.P - Big Bang

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iu has amazed fãs once again with her generosity.

In a post on facebook page SooReuSooReu ManSuReu (수르수르만수르) on April 29th, a netizen shared their plea of wanting to own a violão, guitarra on the 28th.

In the post, the netizen wrote, “Hello, I’m a middle school student who wanted to play the guitar. I want to learn to play to the point where I break my fingers. I have always played the piano, but I wanted to play another instrument, the guitar. With a piano, I can’t go around and perform everywhere I want but with a violão, guitarra I can. Is that a guitar’s charm?”

“I saw a friend play...
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translated por Pechumori

A KBS official said on March 2 that “Although it is true that iu is a candidate for the cast of Producers, but her appearance is not confirmed yet” he revealed.

Earlier, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency Keyeast admitted the fact that they received a proposal for his appearance in the drama but said that the “work is under review”.

If iu and Kim Soo Hyun would confirm their appearance, then this would be the first time that they would be reunited after working together in KBS2 TV’s “Dream High” four years ago.

IU was challenged to act for the first time through...
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In the latest trailer for tvN’s upcoming drama “Hotel del Luna,” Yeo Jin Goo dishes on iu and all the ways they clash, but also why he’s intrigued por her.

“Hotel del Luna” is about an elite hotelier named Goo Chan Sung (played por Yeo Jin Goo), who, under fateful circumstances, ends up becoming the manager of Hotel del Luna, a hotel for ghosts. There, he meets Jang Man Wol (IU), the beautiful but ill-tempered owner.

In the newest trailer released June 29, Goo Chan Sung describes his new boss: “Jang Man Wol. A woman who has overcome a long period of hardship. She’s… the queen...
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The December 16 airing of SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment' was definitely entertaining, but also quite controversial. Netizens are furious over a specific segment that the show aired.

The segment in pergunta is 'One Night's Strange Stories' which featured fotografias of female celebrities, mostly idols, where their bodies were shown to be strangely proportioned.

The first few fotografias look to be edited photos. These include Wonder Girls' Sohee's legs being separate from the rest of her body, actress Han Ga In with three arms, and Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon with an extremely long arm.

But what netizens...
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