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jennabug121 posted on Dec 12, 2011 at 07:29PM
I'm Christian but I also want to practice Islam. i believe that Jesus is Allah's son but I believe in Allah and in Muhamed's teaching and I feel that participating in Islamic rituals if that's what you want to call it would make me a better person and bring me closer to Allah. Can anyone give me some advice or ideas on what to do?

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over a year ago browntyreshop said…
Muslims believe that Allah has no spouse, children, parents or relatives. Yes Allah has no sons but He has sent Prophets which are humans just like you and me to guide and teach people about Allah's ways. Over 124 000 prophets were sent to earth but only 25 of them are mentioned in the Quran. Jesus is one of them. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet sent (there will be no others sent)and he perfected the teachings of Islam which is why Muslims revere him more than the other prophets but we also respect them.

It's nice to have someone who wants to practice our faith. I'd love to help you. I think it would be best if you found a trusted Muslim in person who can teach you. You must be aware that there are some people out there who claim that they know what they are talking about so be careful. I hope you are successful. MAY ALLAH GUIDE YOU TO THE RIGHT PATH.
over a year ago jennabug121 said…
Thank you so much browntyreshop that's great advice :) God bless