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This club was designed for people to roleplay with their characters. I don't care what you talk about here, heck, you can talk about your fã couples for all i care! As long as it has to do with roleplaying, I'm perfectly fine with it. You can use Zim, Dib, Gaz or any other character on the show if you want. BUT! Make sure it is APPROPRIATE FOR THE YOUNG AND THE ELDERLY!!! You can talk about whatever you want, like I said. Feel free to add whatever you wanna about your character here. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE ROLEPLAYING!!! I made this club because I noticed (especially with me and lola641) that we were all roleplaying in the invader zim spot or the invader zim fancharacters spot...well, I decided, that I was gunna make a place appropriate for roleplaying, and here ya go! ROLEPLAY ALL YA WANT!