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Answer: Scott w/ sky<3
Answer: IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the pic it...
Answer: James Marsters
Answer: Mr. Perfect :P
Answer: Tom Felton<3
Answer: John :)
Answer: DB
Answer: Matt Smith!
Answer: Iron hot gaze<3
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: my hot hot hot British babe in a shirt<3
Answer: my sexy stunner
Answer: Johnny Depp with a kid.
Answer: my sexy piano man playing the piano<3
Answer: Scott's soft luscious hair<3
Answer: mariano di vaio
Answer: Simple Man
Answer: Mikey<3
Answer: my baby ;)
Answer: Rob on CW
Answer: my sexy Rob in a light blue shirt<3
Answer: Matt Smith!
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: DB!
Answer: Captain Jack shot..
Answer: Tom Felton<3
Answer: my beast
Answer: Stephen Lang
Answer: Sean O'Pry.
Answer: mostly
Answer: Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner jumping in the air f...
Answer: Dan Ewing, Steve Peacocke,Luke Mitchell!
Answer: my handsome baby with a wireless microphone<3
Answer: Jamie looking off to the side<3
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Interview.
Answer: Bowbaby <333
Answer: Tom Welling <3
Answer: Burn Gorman *_*
Answer: my yummy American hottie,Paul looking very sexy in...
Answer: Barrowgill!
Answer: my pretty B.
Answer: How WOW *_* are you getting younger again? like Ben...
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: Justin
Answer: Robert with sexy sideburns<3
Answer: Kellan with part of his face in shade<3
Answer: a bit too thin there, Gabe
Answer: oh my damn!!!!!Jamie is a bonafide hottie<3
Answer: muscles baby
Answer: Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura :D
Answer: I amor Cult so much <33
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Scott looking down<3
Answer: *thud*
Answer: Mr. Jensen Ackles
Answer: Steven Tyler
Answer: Barrowbabe!
Answer: Canadian Babe.
Answer: my gorgeous Robert with eyebrows raised<3
Answer: I amor the play with colours or making manips, but...
Answer: Bieber
Answer: chris waltz
Answer: a Cult poster
Answer: Sexylicious John!
Answer: I also chose Kellan,my Robert's co-star from the Tw...
Answer: my baby's sweet smile
Answer: my god <33333333
Answer: Ralph Fiennes
Answer: Senor Bale in his natural habitat.
Answer: Hot Ian!!
Answer: Colton with his eyes closed<3
Answer: hugh jackman B))
Answer: a fanvid of my sexy Theo who is a sexy,hot mess<3
Answer: Paul Walker:(...we will miss you,forever
Answer: Barrowgill<3
Answer: my sexy British cover man<3
Answer: Theo leaning against a wall<3
Answer: goddamn his hair *_*
Answer: my sexy 50 Shades of Irish hotness,Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: Dan Radcliffe<3
Answer: tyler hoechlin
Answer: Stephen Amell as The Hood!
Answer: my Robert on the Comic-Con screen, for those who di...
Answer: here is my Robert during a magazine photoshoot with...
Answer: hmmm
Answer: here is my hottie Robert,with Kristen Stewart at a...
Answer: My little Matthew Lawrence. <333333
Answer: The Doctor without his bow tie.
Answer: Juilan.
Answer: Jb
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Bill
Answer: Gabriel Mann. I think I'm starting to have a crush...
Answer: Jensen violão, guitarra playing
Answer: Matthew as Jack is about to get pound por this monst...
Answer: Tyler
Answer: My sexy Baby!!! <333