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Answer: Jb
Answer: Gareth Gates.
Answer: I amor everything about him <3
Answer: Excuse me, you made a mistake..Put an i where the u...
Answer: cachorro, filhote de cachorro
Answer: Ealy
Answer: david bowie
Answer: Kellan the cutie wearing a hat<3
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin, he is just so gorgeous.
Answer: Aidan from behind
Answer: king Bowie
Answer: Jensen
Answer: He inspires me everyday to be myself, to be a bette...
Answer: Revenge shoot :P
Answer: sexy and spiky<3
Answer: David Gandy.
Answer: someone stop me!
Answer: Hunter Parrish wearing jeans <3
Answer: beautiful,blonde Brad<3
Answer: my sexy Irish lucky charm,Jamie wearing a tie<3
Answer: Jer Sump
Answer: DB
Answer: Tom Felton.
Answer: bmw cast :)
Answer: JODI
Answer: John showing plenty of neck while shaving :)
Answer: David
Answer: my handsome Brit with a shadow<3
Answer: Scary Monsters
Answer: Cory Monteith<3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert with 4 of his fellow Twilight ca...
Answer: Mr. Perfect
Answer: my beautiful Robert has his hand in his hair in alm...
Answer: Jamie is so yummy<3
Answer: John Barrowman xD
Answer: swagga cast
Answer: Why is he so hot?
Answer: plz?!
Answer: my fav song <3
Answer: My Scottish Star, John Barrowman<3
Answer: Bateman's sexy stubble<3
Answer: amor elephants
Answer: *dead*...what a way to go<3
Answer: Douglas in a rosa, -de-rosa shirt<3
Answer: I could post countless vids of Jodi talking about R...
Answer: Bowie doesn't need such things <3
Answer: Jamie is MY Fifty Shades of(Christian)Grey<3
Answer: Rob in Heroes, comforting Lydia
Answer: Jodi always is
Answer: I still cry almost every dia
Answer: TDL in sepia<3
Answer: John from behind :)
Answer: JB<3
Answer: Kellan wearing white<3
Answer: smart guy
Answer: Bow
Answer: Misha Collins. How can anyone NOT find him adorable...
Answer: Dean Geyer♥
Answer: amor Barrowarms!
Answer: <3
Answer: Leo's gorgeous smile<3
Answer: Jared
Answer: Jared
Answer: Ian with his dog!
Answer: David <333
Answer: Simon Nessman.
Answer: wet,hot and oh so sexy<3
Answer: rob crying
Answer: David Gandy.
Answer: Milo
Answer: leto
Answer: Steven Skyler :)
Answer: Taylor Lautner stretching out his arms<3
Answer: Misha <3
Answer: Juicy Jon!
Answer: Misha!
Answer: Nick Bateman!
Answer: Cory Monteith<33
Answer: Ryan Sheckler!
Answer: red hot Dornan<3
Answer: yummyyyyyyyyyyyy
Answer: cillian murphy
Answer: Alexander<3
Answer: letorso
Answer: daddy
Answer: JA<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner.
Answer: amor my smiley man <3
Answer: my little treasure *-* ♥
Answer: sexy silver raposa
Answer: haha sorry , i couldn't find anything else xD
Answer: Max Emerson.
Answer: Nemily <3333
Answer: Rider in B&W :)
Answer: Andy Biersack!!<3
Answer: his shoes are painted por his son
Answer: Benny in "Sherlock"
Answer: Tom cruise ~_~
Answer: <3 DB
Answer: Bowieeee